The best enterprise open-source programs focus not just on how to leverage open source software, but also how to best contribute and advance the open source community. That’s why we are so pleased to host the TODO Group quarterly meeting at our offices in Silicon Valley last week.

TODO stands for “talk openly, develop openly”. It is a group of technology companies with active open source programs that meet regularly to discuss open source, share experiences and explore best practices in advancing open source development and adoption at the enterprise level.

In addition to the meeting, we also hosted a hackathon session in which TODO members hacked away at Repo Linter, a simple linter to check for open source quality. Efforts were spent on ClearlyDefined, a crowdsourced open source metadata project. A list of tools and projects that TODO Group members find useful for managing open source projects and offices were also curated and posted.

The TODO Group has published a number of case studies, and valuable guides for companies looking to create an open source office. The Comcast case study tells the story of how we’re shaping our open source strategy and why it is essential for us to work with open source technology. A single individual cannot do everything all at once, which is why we believe that we will expand our open source program and our community involvement by working collectively, and openly.

In other TODO-related news, Nithya Ruff, Senior Director of Open Source Practice at Comcast Cable will be giving two talks at the Open Source Leadership Summit in Sonoma, California, March 6-9, 2018 in the TODO Program Office Track. Be sure to stop by to learn more if you are around.

For more information on the TODO Group, be sure to visit their website.