Our design team won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award, which each year recognizes products from around the world that exemplify "outstanding design." Additionally, I am excited to share that the Eco Capsule recently received a Gold International Design Excellence Award from the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA), another tremendous accomplishment. I am incredibly proud of our package design team whose focus is creating innovative, lovable packaging for our customers that reflects our brand language while ensuring product protection and easy activation.

red dot award logo

Over the last two years this team envisioned the next generation of packaging, focusing on the customer experience and investigating green manufacturing and material innovations to support farmers and reclaim agricultural waste. Keeping the environment in mind, we created the first Xfinity modular packaging system that is 100% recyclable and reusable. The Xfinity Eco Capsule™ is made from Bamboo, Paper, Sugarcane, and Soy ink, with materials that come from responsibly managed forests providing environmental, social, and economic benefits. Eco Capsule also has the world’s first resealable pulp lid.

Xfinity family of products in packaging.

The team also wanted to make sure the unboxing experience was great for everyone and focused on inclusive design. By consulting our accessibility team, Braille was added to the packaging and the unboxing experience focused on ensuring the package was easy to grip and open for people with all abilities. In total, there are six patents pending for the Eco Capsule, a tremendous feat.

When our customers start to receive their products in the new Eco Capsule, they will notice that the messaging on the packaging encourages them to reuse and store their favorite items in the capsule or recycle it with other paper products. The team has had fun finding ways to reuse the Eco Capsule, including planting herbs and vegetables in the container, and storing art supplies for kids at home. We look forward to seeing how our customers reuse the Eco Capsule.

The Xfinity Eco Capsule™ packaging continues our journey in ensuring our customers feel our brand promise during every interaction with Comcast, from sales, to unboxing, to first use, and of course customer support. Thank you to the Red Dot Jurors and IDSA for their recognitions, and congratulations again to the team for these awards.