We are in the middle of a massive transformation. Everyone at Comcast has been working tirelessly on customer service improvements – from technology to training, and billing to store renovations – so that you get the great experience you deserve. We’ve been making big changes, but we know we still have more work to do. Here is where we are:

We’re listening. We’re in the process of rolling out the Net Promoter System (NPS) across the entire company so that every decision we make as a company is directly linked to feedback from you, our customers. We want to understand your experience through your eyes. Part of our NPS rollout is creating a regular process for calling you back after you interact with us to hear how we did. We’re initiating customer callbacks across all levels of the company – from our executive team to our frontline employees – and once fully rolled out we will be calling back over 3 million customers per year for their personal feedback. We discuss your comments constantly to ensure we’re making the right changes and doing so in a way that you feel a difference. 

We’re innovating. We’ve developed new technologies that help us better track how your products are working and when you’re experiencing an issue so we can fix it ASAP. We’re constantly updating the My Account platform, which nearly 9 million customers are using, to control all aspects of their account from their mobile device or the web. One of our most popular features is the ability to schedule a call with us at your convenience; we’re really working on saving you time. We also incorporated more self-healing and help options into our products so you can manage your account – or fix any issues you might be having from your own home. This year we introduced new commands for the X1 voice remote so you can access My Account, restart your box or troubleshoot just by using your voice. 

We’re redesigning our stores. All of our stores are becoming more customer friendly and interactive so you can come to us to try out new equipment, learn more about our products or get help from our team. More than 177 of our stores have been revamped, and we’re expanding to even more neighborhoods in 2017.

We’re starting to see real results. We know we still have work to do, but we’re excited about the progress we’re making. We’ve reached all-time highs across many of our key customer service areas. The number of customers who have had to call us is down 14 percent – which means your products are more reliable, your bill is easier to understand and our self-service platforms are making a difference. Our on-time arrival rate for technicians coming to your home has improved to over 97 percent.  Our success rate for solving your issue on the FIRST call is up by 7 percent, getting us closer to our goal of fixing it right the first time, every time. Our Digital Care team is also getting back to you faster, as our response time on social channels improved by 95 percent. 

We’re hiring. We committed to hiring 5,500 customer service employees across the U.S. and we are already well on our way to reaching this goal. We’ve opened new customer support centers in Spokane, WA; Albuquerque, NM and Tucson, AZ and over the next few months we’ll open centers in Charleston, SC; and Ft. Collins, CO. 

More to come on this, as we continue to roll out new changes to simplify your experience, respect your time and make it right if we fall short.