With the recent launch of Amazon Prime Video on Xfinity X1, our customers can now find even more LGBTQ programming in once place, fully integrated with our X1 platform, including more than 1,200 LGBTQ movies and TV shows fully integrated from hundreds of networks, studios and streaming services, including:

  • Prime Video’s After Louie, The L Word, Moonlight, One Mississippi, and This is Me
  • Netflix’s Orange is the New Black, Alex Strangelove, and Grace and Frankie
  • Here TV’s Lilting, Beautiful Boxer, Too Cool for Christmas, and Show Business
  • Frameline’s Expanding Gender: Youth Out Front
  • Logo’s TransMilitary, and Light In the Water
  • Breaking Glass Picture’s The Cost of Love
  • I’m From Driftwood’s What Was It Like?

While some video platforms become more complex to navigate as more content is added, our X1 voice remote makes finding your favorites as easy as saying them out loud.  Customers can browse and discover the entire catalog of LGBTQ movies and shows by simply saying “Pride” or “LGBTQ” or search specific film titles like “The Danish Girl” or “Disobedience” to find LGBTQ programming.

Our X1 LGBTQ Film and TV destination is the first diverse, community endorsed LGBTQ entertainment experience in the home, and on the go with Xfinity Stream.  Featuring one of the most complete libraries of LGBTQ entertainment available anywhere, Xfinity enlists the LGBTQ community to help shape a unique collection of important and entertaining stories representing a rich diversity of experiences, and uniquely curated by identity, community, and history.

And now, with the integration of Amazon prime Video, our collection is better than ever.