In order for our business to provide our customers with the technology and content they enjoy, we do business with thousands of companies in our supply chain that help us get the job done. This is a tremendous opportunity for us to connect with diverse businesses who share our commitment to inclusion. 

We’ve taken it a step further beyond our own supply chain, to actively work and support our partners in making their supply chains more diverse. 

Together, we are connecting businesses with growth opportunities that positively impact everyone involved.

“Our company has enjoyed a long-standing business relationship with Comcast NBCUniversal for many years, but over the past few years, we’ve worked more closely than ever to identify areas of strategic need and continued partnership. The Comcast NBCUniversal team has provided an environment where collaboration and creativity is embraced, which has been the foundation for our mutual success.”

- Jennifer Pentecost Sims, CEO of Power & Tel, a Tier I Diverse Supplier