As technology becomes more and more complex, customers want to see and feel the product before selecting it for their own home. This is why we’re investing in our Xfinity retail presence – we want to bring both existing and potential customers an experience that maximizes product interactions and inspires them to see how these technologies could work in their own homes.

Just today we announced a new store layout developed with the customer journey in mind. A team of designers worked to perfect the layout that was both inviting and easy to navigate.

“We’re designing for several different types of customers,” said John Giacomazzi, VP of Retail Merchandising and the lead designer for the new store concept. “There are those that come in with a purpose – pay their bill, purchase an Xfinity Mobile phone, etc. and want to get in and get out. And there are those that want to browse and take their time.”

John Giacomazzi, Vice President, Xfinity Retail
John Giacomazzi, Vice President, Xfinity Retail

The new Xfinity stores meet all customer needs. It is designed to encourage visitors to experience and explore our products, but also has areas dedicated to quick transactions like bill pay, with kiosks at the back of the store. Each store has a main central aisle that leads customers down the middle of the store and breaks up the layout into zones for each product - Xfinity Mobile, Xfinity X1, Xfinity Home and Xfinity Internet. For instance, in the Xfinity Home section visitors can turn on connected lights, lock a front door featured in the display and watch feeds from security cameras placed throughout the store on X1.

“We want to inspire shoppers visually, and so each zone is outfitted to look like a home environment and make it easier for visitors to imagine how it would look in their own house, as well as see how the products work together to provide a whole home solution,” said Giacomazzi.  

The stores purposefully don’t have any signage in the windows as well. “We want those on the outside to be drawn in by what’s happening in the store,” said Giacomazzi. “At the center of each store are towers that feature big HD TV screens that showcase our latest products and experience – like xFi, our in-home WiFi experience, and the special features we rolled out for the Olympic Winter Games.” The Tower screens can be seen from outside of the store and are meant to draw people in. They are also a great conversation starter for new customers coming in to check out the space.

The first locations of the newly designed stores recently opened in Pueblo, CO; Aventura, FL; Chattanooga, TN; Henrico, VA; and Tucson, Arizona. Comcast plans to open more than 50 new Xfinity stores across its footprint in 2018.