The machineQ family of products.
Internet of Things

MachineQ is Building Products to Improve How the World Operates

By Alex Khorram

MachineQ provides an integrated digital transformation platform (hardware and software) that bridges the physical and digital worlds together with enterprise-grade wireless sensors and gateways, and cloud-based software services. Bring your own broadband connection (or take ours), plug in our gateway, and with a few keystrokes provision a sensor, and start learning from the data – it’s as simple as that. 

Our platform, built here in Philadelphia, is being used by hundreds of businesses to solve meaningful problems; including farmers to conserve water, manufacturers to monitor machinery, restaurants to prevent spoilage, and municipalities to reduce energy costs. With the MachineQ platform, versus a single use case solution, our customers can quickly pilot and deploy multiple solutions simply by adding different sensors.

In our extensive conversations with businesses and partners around the world, we’ve heard loud and clear that while connectivity is critical, how a business manages and scales IoT projects is the key to success. Enterprises, city leaders, and builders of IoT products want ownership and control of the experience, and the implementation and management to be simple. They want technology to be standards-based and scalable; and they want a partner with the stability and scale of a Fortune 50 company like Comcast.


MachineQ engineers have built a catalog of hardware products designed with simplicity and scale that are pre-provisioned to work out of the box. Our indoor and outdoor gateways are suited for a variety of form factors and environmental conditions. We’ve also built sensors, such as the MQflex, that can measure temperature, acceleration, pressure, gyro, and humidity. If customers need capabilities beyond that, they can also choose the device that’s right for their IoT use case from dozens of partner companies.


To manage it all, our cloud-based software, MQcentral, was engineered to support customers big or small, whether it’s an upstart clothing designer that needs one gateway and a few sensors to cover its factory floor, or a hospitality chain with thousands of gateways and millions of sensors spread across its distributed enterprise. MQcentral enables customers to monitor devices and the gateways they connect to, manage users, set custom notifications, troubleshoot, run diagnostics, and more.


And for developers, whether you’re a start-up or multinational OEM, we’ve got APIs, developer kits like MQspark, reference code, optimized LoRa stack, and other builder tools to get your device up and running on LoRa as quickly as possible.

We’ve built an OTT solution for IoT that uses best-in-class, standards-based, wireless technology that can be deployed and scaled easily anywhere. Projects that have been in the works for months or even years can get off the ground in a matter of days. In fact, they already are with our help.

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