The last thing any developer wants is to pause their project while they fill a DNS ticket. That’s why we’re excited to announce that we’ve open-sourced VinylDNS, our Scala-based DNS management platform that provides a single layer of self service across all DNS installations.

Originally developed as an in-house project, VinylDNS was an immediate hit with our technology teams, since it dramatically accelerated DNS provisioning time. The platform provides granular access controls, audits of changes made in DNS systems, as well as a self-service portal, secure API, client libraries, and integration with infrastructure automation tools.

Today with VinylDNS you can:

  • Connect to an existing DNS zone
  • Define permissions to govern record access for your zone(s)
  • Create, update, delete DNS records in your zone(s)
  • Search for records in your zone(s)
  • View every change to every record in your zone(s)
  • Manage groups and members
  • Synchronize Vinyl DNS with records from DNS

Now that it’s open source, we’re excited to see what other folks in our community will add to the project.

By empowering teams to manage DNS, we’ve seen less demand for internal support and maintenance. VinylDNS can integrate with existing DNS Infrastructures to make DNS self-service streamlined and convenient. It also supports integration with infrastructure automation tools such as Ansible and Terraform.

VinylDNS has a user-friendly cloud-portal for managing DNS configurations and accounts, and it has a secure easy-to-use API with key and secret authorization. VinylDNS enables increased operational efficiency, and improved security, and working with the API is convenient with client libraries available in Ruby, Java, Python and Go.

We encourage everyone to use, improve and contribute back to Vinyl DNS. You can download the source code here.

A special thanks to all the contributors at Comcast who contributed their time and effort to make Vinyl DNS happen.