(We created the Comcast Innovation Fund to support important research into the future of the Internet, with a focus on broadband, security and open-source development. In this series, we highlight grantees and their work.) 

The Comcast Innovation Fund is pleased to announce the award of a grant to Seton Hall University. This grant will support the project entitled “Collaborative Scripting Environment for Network Analysis Education”, under the direction of Dr. Manfred Minimair, and aims to improve how students learn about how to perform good network analysis.

Network analysis is an increasingly essential skill, and the demand for talented network engineers is only growing. It will be critical for educators to have the right tools to train the technologists who will build and operate the networks of tomorrow.

The approach of Dr. Minimair and his colleagues at Seton Hall promises not only to adapt readily to integration of domain-specific technologies but also to improve the collaborative enterprise itself. Strengthening the ability to share knowledge both in real-time and among users divided by time and space enhances the potency of these important knowledge transfers.