These days, cell phones are the single most important consumer electronics device for most people. Just about everyone has one – in fact, half of young adults live in a household with three or more smartphones – and Americans spend up to five hours per day on mobile devices. 

But while the average person’s use of a cell phone has evolved dramatically, consumers’ basic needs for affordability, simplicity and flexibility are not being met. Most U.S. consumers today are either paying a lot for unlimited data or choosing one of the few data buckets available for little to no savings. Last year, the average smartphone user consumed 2.8 GBs of data per month, meaning that many people are paying for pricey unlimited plans for more data than they use. 

For these reasons, Xfinity Mobile was built first and foremost for today’s data-centric user. Xfinity Internet customers have access to a superior network combining the best in-home WiFi and 19 million WiFi hot spots with the largest, most reliable 4G LTE to deliver a better experience, for less money. I know, it sounds great but let’s prove it.  

Unmatched Value

We designed Xfinity Mobile from the ground up to save customers money while providing them a superior experience. How’d we do it? 

It all starts with the fact that we’ve combined the nation’s largest WiFi network with the largest, most reliable LTE network. Our WiFi network provides great speed and coverage, within and outside the home, to allow customers to spend more time on WiFi and spend less time on cellular. When customers aren’t on WiFi, they tap into the largest cellular network and can pay only for the data they use. With 80 percent of smartphone data today being consumed over WiFi, the savings potential is big. 

For cellular data, we offer two straightforward options: By the Gig where you pay only for the cellular data you use for $12 per GB, and Unlimited for $45 per month – the best price for one line of unlimited on the market.  

And on top of all of this, every customer gets unlimited talk and text, with no line or access charges on up to five mobile lines.  This means they only pay for cellular data, which saves a lot of money right off the bat.

An infographic displaying how customers can save money by switching to Xfinity Mobile.

So what does that get you? We analyzed our prices compared to competitive offers to show the savings potential of switching to Xfinity Mobile, and the savings are substantial. For instance, a family of four using eight gigabytes of data on a By the Gig plan can save approximately $700 per year by switching from any of the top four service providers. And one single user utilizing the unlimited data plan can save around $345 per year. Most customers will save $400 per year annually compared to competitive offerings. 

Flexibility Without Strings Attached

Most customers today have to sign up for 3 or 4 lines of Unlimited to get an attractive price. We break that convention by offering more flexibility with our data options. 

With Xfinity Mobile, family or group plans can be personalized for each member. A parent that sporadically uses their phone to check Facebook and send emails should not be forced to have the same data plan as their child that is streaming YouTube videos and Snapchatting all weekend. For families, who have individual users with different data needs, we let you mix-and-match different data options per device on a single account. 

That type of flexibility hasn’t been available before, and our customers love it. Over half of them are choosing the by-the-gig option, while nearly 25 percent of our multiline accounts have at least one line using “By the Gig,” and one line with the “Unlimited” option. 

Individuals can also seamlessly switch their chosen plan at any time with no penalty. If you start on By the Gig and discover that you need unlimited data, you can switch to Unlimited with the click of a button in our mobile app. Some potential customers may think this is where the hidden fees kick in, but there are no extra charges for changing options. 

Our unique approach to mobile service plans is resonating, and we’re seeing real momentum. Moving forward, we will continue to look for ways to offer consumers real value and the peace of mind that comes from knowing they will get a better wireless experience for less money. 

Randall Hounsell is SVP of Marketing and Product Management for Xfinity Mobile.