At Comcast NBCUniversal, we recently wrapped up our annual Employee Giving Campaign, and I am honored and awed to share that we collectively pledged $10 million to nearly 8,000 nonprofits nationwide. Those organizations include hundreds of affiliates of United Way, one of the company’s longest-standing community partners.

While those numbers are amazing, they don’t really tell the story about how one person’s life can be changed. I’d like to give you just one example. A few years ago, Comcast gave me the opportunity to join the board of a local nonprofit that helps homeless youth in Georgia.  The data alone speaks volumes about the problem of homeless young people in our country, with 2 million a year lacking shelter.  But what made this national crisis personal for me was realizing my daughter, then 15, was about the same age as dozens of young men and women I began to meet with and learn about, and who otherwise had no bed to sleep in, no food to eat, and no path forward.

For them, Covenant House Georgia has been a true lifesaver – and thanks to the incredible generosity of my colleagues across the country, thousands of other nonprofits will also grow stronger to help people in need in their communities. 

Through my involvement with Covenant House, I see how real the need for help is. That’s why this year I stepped up to try inspiring my colleagues to participate in our campaign by explaining why giving back gives opportunity for people to grow and succeed. I can’t help but think about the new starts in life now made possible for young men and women like Jordan, who grew up in an abusive home. Or JoJo, who didn’t get the support she needed when she made some bad choices in college. Or Nacole, whose parents told her to leave home when she told them she was gay.

I invite you to learn more about them below.

It has been nearly 20 years since I began working at Comcast. I remember from day one learning how much the company values being part of the communities we serve. Our annual Employee Giving Campaign is one way we get to do that, by giving our employees the opportunity to give to the causes they are most passionate about. Every year, I’m grateful to work with colleagues who are committed to paying it forward and helping transform lives.

Michael Hewitt is Senior Vice President of Engineering and Operations for Comcast’s Central Division.