A wall-mounted TV displays the X1 'Teach Me More' guide.
Customer Experience

Discover More of X1 with "Teach Me More"

Our industry leading video platform X1 simply and seamlessly integrates our customer’s favorite entertainment, from live TV to Netflix and more, in one place. And customers can control it all with the Voice Remote. We know our customers love the X1 experience but want to make sure they know everything they can do on their X1. “Teach me more” is the new customer discovery hub built into the X1 platform that shares tips and tricks, answers questions, and helps customers make their experience with X1 even better. We want customers to know everything that X1 can do and be able to get the most from their experience.

We created “Teach Me More” as a simple way for our customers to quickly learn more about X1 and their Xfinity services. Customer feedback helped us select the topics that are highlighted and they are strategically placed for optimal customer access – topics include both pain points and customer favorites (e.g. stream and sports apps).

“Teach me more” voice commands teach customers simple ways to:

  • Check their WiFi name and password
  • Find movies faster
  • Check or pay their bill
  • Create a customer screen saver
  • Troubleshoot
  • Change device settings like the text size and brightness
  • Set parental controls
  • Learn Tips & Tricks about everything you can do in X1

And there is much more. Simply say “Teach me more” into your voice command and give it a try today.

A screen shot of the X1 'Tips & Tricks' hub.
A screen shot of the X1 'Troubleshooting' hub.