Connecting with the communities we serve is an essential part of our culture of inclusion as well as a long-standing tradition at our company. We have given millions of dollars in cash and in-kind donations to Minority-Led and Minority-Serving (MLMS) and Women-Led and Women-Serving (WLWS) organizations since the start of our formal Diversity & Inclusion program in 2011.

We connect organizations with helping hands, financial resources, and knowledge that helps us support and strengthen our communities.

“Comcast NBCUniversal’s ongoing investment in our mission, through its Assistive Technology Grants and our multi-year partnership, has made it possible for Easterseals’ technology programs to connect thousands of people with disabilities to the digital world.”

– Katy Neas, Executive Vice President, Easterseals

Giving More to Diverse Communities

We are committed to strengthening our diverse communities through cash and in-kind giving to organizations that support our promise to promote community service, expand digital literacy, and empower the leaders of tomorrow.



Cash Giving to MLMS

Cash Giving to WLWS