Developers throughout Comcast are extremely active users, contributors and creators of open source software. For years, we’ve used GitHub to host the open-source code we develop and today we’re excited to unveil our updated presence there.

GitHub Pages are public websites for organizations, users, and repositories, which are generously hosted on a custom domain, or on GitHub’s ‘’ domain. It’s a great toolset, that makes it easier for us to display and promote the internally developed projects that we have contributed back to the community. In addition to presenting the projects in a more organized fashion the new site:

  • Clearly identifies projects by category
  • Presents useful data, including which projects have recently been updated, which projects have been forked the most, and which projects are new.
  • Presents short, actionable descriptions of the projects, and lets us highlight those that are most active.

A couple examples of the open source projects showcased on our GitHub pages site are:

  • Speed-TestJS - A JavaScript and Node.js-based solution for Internet connection throughput-related measurements.
  • Apache Traffic Control - A caching server control plane application used to aggregate caching servers into a Content Delivery Network (CDN).

We’re always seeking to encourage new contributors. If you’re an open source developer, we hope you’ll visit our site, check out the projects we’re working on and consider contributing back. Not all contributions have to be code. Documentation improvements are also valuable, and so are bug reports. Check back often for the latest developments. If our projects piques your interest, check out our open jobs and come work at Comcast.