When we launched Xfinity xFi we added a new level of speed, coverage, and control to our customer’s Xfinity home WiFi experience. xFi is a simple to use digital dashboard that enables customers to see what devices are on their home WiFi networks, troubleshoot issues, and even pause their home WiFi connections during dinnertime.

Now, we’re introducing xFi Pods - small, wireless WiFi extenders that help blanket virtually any home with great WiFi coverage even in hard-to-reach areas. We’re beginning our roll out today in Boston and Chicago and plan to introduce the pods nationally next year.

A xFi pod

xFi Pods are easy to install and they work seamlessly with our xFi Gateways to create a whole-home, mesh WiFi network. The small, hexagon-shaped devices plug into indoor electrical outlets just like an air freshener and are easily activated using the xFi mobile app for iOS or Android. Our xFi Gateways deliver reliably fast speeds and the best WiFi coverage to the vast majority of households. There are homes that have unique WiFi challenges due to their size, shape, age, or construction materials. That’s where xFi Pods come in.

The xFi pod app

xFi Pods won’t be necessary for everyone. Before ordering the Pods, we recommend customers try to resolve their WiFi connectivity issues by making sure their xFi Gateway is located in a central area of their home – a few feet off the floor, in an upright position, and in an open space, which is free of obstructions. If they’re still experiencing WiFi coverage issues, then xFi Pods might be the answer. The 3-Pod pack is recommended for homes with 3-4 bedrooms and multiple stories. The 6-Pod pack is recommended for homes with 5+ bedrooms, L-shaped additions and rooms on multiple stories.

xFi pods and a Gateway

Best of all, xFi is a cloud-based platform, which means we can continue to introduce new features on an ongoing basis to keep making it better and better. We can’t wait to show you what’s next.