A variety of Xumo channels in a menu displayed on a TV.

Comcast Brings 20 FAST Channels to the X1 Channel Guide

Starting today, we’re taking another step in building a more valuable entertainment experience for our customers with the launch of 20 free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST) channels on Xfinity X1 at no extra cost.

The launch marks the latest evolution of FAST channels on Xfinity entertainment platforms. We first brought these FAST channels to the Xfinity Stream app in April, and then in May they became an important part of our NOW TV offering.

The new channels, including NBC News Now and 19 Xumo-branded channels, will be integrated into the X1 channel guide, offering customers a completely seamless browsing experience between the channels they pay for and the new  FAST lineup. To quickly access these channels within the guide, customers can say “free streaming channels” into their voice remote to be taken directly to them.

The addition of FAST channels on our Xfinity entertainment platforms adds a new dynamic to our video offering
Vito Forlenza
Vice President, Entertainment Apps

“Our strategy is centered around value not volume, and we are focused on bringing FAST channels into the experiences that are additive to the majority of our customers’ lineups," said Vito Forlenza, Vice President, Entertainment Apps.

By leveraging voice and discovery technology within our global technology platform, these internet-delivered channels will also appear throughout the X1 experience just like all the other channels we offer. Notably, customers can search for the channels by name with the voice remote, find them among their recently watched channels and within their “Last 9,” and discover them integrated into X1’s new “Best of Live” destination and relevant “On Now” rows.

And this is just the beginning of our plans to enhance our customers’ TV subscription via FAST. We plan to bring additional FAST channels to our lineup in the future and will continue leveraging the innate power of our global technology platform to make all this new programming easier for our customers to discover and enjoy, ultimately providing them with a better, richer, and more valuable entertainment experience.