The Internet is built on open standards and its continued evolution depends on the work of a global, volunteer force of stakeholders committed to making those standards stronger. That’s why Comcast and NBCUniversal are honored to sponsor the historic 99th meeting of the Internet Engineering Task Force, taking place in Prague in July 2017.

The IETF may not make a lot of headlines, but it plays a vital role in making the Internet work. One of the world’s oldest and largest multi-stakeholder organizations, the IETF develops voluntary, consensus-based Internet standards and best practices that ensure the Internet remains open, stable and interoperable.

Most Internet users may never hear of the IETF, but all Internet users depend on the IETF standards that have enabled the Internet’s ongoing evolution. And the IETF’s open, multi-stakeholder model, which encourages participation by engineers from around the world, has served as a model for collaborative decision-making.

Since 2008, Comcast and NBCUniversal have helped to sponsor a number of IETF meetings, and as the organization closes in on its 100th meeting, we’re looking forward to continuing to support and engage with this essential organization.