Sometimes the best customer experience is simply a great entertainment experience that’s reliable and works, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the content you love without ever having to think about us.   As we work to improve customer service we’re also making TV better all the time. Here’s how:

XFINITY On Demand: We’re constantly adding to and perfecting what’s available On Demand so you have more options. We now have all 100 of Nielsen’s top rated shows on our platform, so you have access to the best content out there. Did you know 83 percent used XFINITY On Demand in February, viewing over 25 hours per month? Whether you’re a sports lover, a news junkie or can’t get enough of reality TV, we’re continuing to add tons of new programs to our library. This includes new Latino, multicultural, LGBTQ, and international content too. It’s also about knowing what’s important to you and giving you access to Netflix, Roku, Sling and YouTube right from X1. So, you can watch Stranger Things, This is Us, or an exploding watermelon all in one place.

XFINITY Stream: We just launched XFINITY Stream, a mobile app for iOS and Android, so you can watch live TV and On Demand titles from anywhere – be it on your laptop, mobile phone or tablet. If you’re on the go, you can access over 200 live channels, 50 music stations and more than 40,000 On Demand choices. You can even download shows and movies to your device for easy watching while you’re offline without mobile or Wi-Fi service. You can also access your DVR from anywhere! This makes for easy flights and road trips, especially with the kids. Stream programming is available in either English or Spanish, and has built in accessibility features so all can enjoy.

X1 Voice Remote: The X1 Voice Remote makes getting to all this great content even easier. You can search your DVR, check the score of the game, ask about your bill, or even find out what other films and shows your favorite actor has done – just by speaking. So far, we’ve given out over 13 million remotes, which customers used 3.4 billion times last year alone. X1 users speak more than 200 million voice commands every month. And, the voice remote is fully integrated with all our new partners. So you can get to Netflix, YouTube, Pandora, ESPN, and more, even faster.  

The variety of movies, TV, music and sports content we deliver is only a piece of the experience. We’re constantly hard at work to ensure we’re respecting your time, simplifying your experience and always making it right if we fall short. Check out our latest progress report for an update on all the efforts we have underway.