Lisa Blackshear, Senior Vice President for Communications and Digital Operations at Comcast, poses in a hallway at Comcast Headquarters in Philadelphia.
Employee Spotlight

Lisa Blackshear: Customer Service in the Digital World

Lisa Blackshear is the Senior Vice President for Communications and Digital Operations at Comcast. She oversees a team of several hundred individuals who get to communicate directly with our customers every single day. These customer service representatives are all about convenience – they make sure that customers questions are answered as quickly and easily as possible. The key is meeting our customers where they are – talking, tweeting, and chatting with our customers however … and whenever is most convenient for them. 

In a digital, 24-7 world, it’s never been more important to be available whenever a customer needs to get in touch. Lisa’s team monitors customer communications on nearly every social media channel all day, every day. This means a lot of quick thinking, an expansive knowledge of our technology and products, and a deep understanding and appreciation for the work of our frontline employees. 

And Lisa and the team’s efforts are really making a difference for customers. Under her leadership, our response time on social channels has improved an incredible 95%. 

Lisa began at Comcast in 2007 as a Director of Strategic Communications for Comcast Business. Prior to joining us, she spent twelve years at a global shipping and logistics company in communications and led employee and merger and acquisitions communications for North America, Asia and Europe. Lisa got her start in broadcast journalism, and the “breaking news” skills she developed in the newsroom still serve her well today. 

“Bring curiosity to everything you do,” she says, “always ask a lot of questions, and use your strengths as a writer,” to clearly communicate to your teams and customers.

Lisa and her team have played a key role in our customer service transformation. She is passionate about always working toward the next best way to communicate and serve customers. She does this by “understanding, respecting, and embracing the company’s singular culture and constant innovation.”