About the Advanced Gateway

Key Takeaways

The xFi Advanced Gateway is available in every market where we offer Xfinity Gigabit Internet.
The power of the xFi Advanced Gateway delivers ultimate performance to your connected home.
Since launching xFi in May, we’ve made it available to more than 10 million homes.

Here are some of the technologies that make the xFi Advanced Gateway the most advanced device we’ve ever built.

8x8 Antenna Array – Packed into the xFi Advanced Gateway’s sleek design are eight antennas to transmit Wi-Fi signals and another eight to receive them. This is the biggest array available on any home router or gateway.

160 MHz Channels – The xFi Advanced Gateway antennas are capable of using the widest bandwidth channels currently available – 160 MHz – compared to between 20 MHz and 80 MHz for most Wi-Fi routers and gateways currently on the market. That means the xFi Advanced Gateway will take advantage of the most spectrum, which translates to faster speeds, and support for more connected devices.

Mu-MiMo – We use "Mu-MiMo" (Multi-user, Multi-input, Multi-output) technology to make sure that the xFi Advanced Gateway doesn’t just deliver great speed to one device, but because of the spatial diversity built into the design it can simultaneously power dozens of devices without sacrificing performance on any of them.

Dedicated IoT Radios – the xFi Advanced Gateway includes Bluetooth LE, Zigbee and Thread radios so it will be capable of connecting to virtually any IoT device. Devices with Thread radios include NEST devices and Philips Hue Home Automation kits. Devices with Zigbee radios include a wide range of home automation devices. And Bluetooth LE leverages the popular Bluetooth protocol for the connected home. However your IoT devices work in the future, you can be sure they’ll work with the xFi Advanced Gateway.