We are working hard to make it easier for our customers to interact with us and a clearer, more transparent billing experience is an integral part of that. The new XFINITY statement was designed with the help of our customers’ feedback and gives customers the information they need without having to search for it. We improved bill clarity by breaking out one time versus recurring charges, explaining taxes and fees, and highlighting any changes in service. Now it is easier for our customers to see why their monthly bill may be different from a previous month. 

The regular monthly charges section includes the XFINITY package (TV, internet, voice and home services), equipment rental and any other fees. One-time charges include entertainment extras such as pay per view, or XFINITY On Demand rentals and purchases. We also consolidated things a bit, like taxes and fees, which are now shared in one section. 

Additionally, monthly notifications with timely and helpful information are now displayed upfront and in one place. We also added tips and tools so that customers can get more from their service, including benefits they might not know about, easy ways to reach us and information on all of their payment options. 

Highlights of the new Xfinity bill include:

  • A clear and simple account summary
  • Payment options all in one place
  • Easy ways to reach us
  • Helpful reminders and service tips
  • One-time charges clearly identified 

We have seen positive customer response from the new XFINITY bill. Fewer customers are calling with bill questions and we are able to resolve issues more quickly and efficiently when they do call.

Check out newsimplebill.com to learn more.