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Young People Challenge World Leaders in New Sky Kids Original, 'COP26: In Your Hands. Are They Listening?'

Young People Challenge World Leaders in New Sky Kids Original, 'COP26: In Your Hands. Are They Listening?'

Sky announces a one-off documentary, COP26: In Your Hands, which launches on Sky Kids and streaming service NOW on 18 October ahead of the UN Climate Change Conference, COP26 in November.

The 30-minute Sky Original documentary, commissioned by Sky Kids, COP26: In Your Hands is introduced by HRH Prince Charles who outlines his concerns for the planet. The program also features UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, as the host of COP26.

As world leaders prepare to gather in Glasgow, six young climate activists from six different continents deliver a powerful message about how climate change is already having an impact on their lives and deliver an emotive call to action. The campaigners care deeply about the environment and have become concerned about the damage we’re doing to our planet. All of them have ideas about what needs to be done to save the Earth.

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The teenagers representing the world’s six habitable continents in the documentary are Darielen, aged 15 from Brazil; Hannah, aged 17 from the UK; Kynan, aged 16 from Indonesia; Queen, aged 17 from Cameroon; Sophia, aged 15 from Canada, and 16-year-old Tamsyn, from Australia.

COP26: In Your Hands was filmed locally on location as part of Sky’s championing of sustainability. Sky is a Principal Partner and Media Partner to COP26 and has committed to be net zero carbon by 2030, cutting its own emissions and those made by customers’ using its products, by 50% over the next decade. COP26: In Your Hands is supported by the UK-Government funded Young Audiences Content Fund (YACF), which is managed by the BFI and finances the creation of new distinct, high-quality content for children and young audiences. The documentary is also supported by WWF.

Each film explores how these countries are already seeing the devastating impact of climate change, including rising temperatures, ice caps melting, droughts, flooding, bushfires, wildlife depletion and soya plantations, all through the eyes of the next generation, and highlights some of the inspirational projects in their countries tackling the climate emergency.

A young woman holds a globe.

Lucy Murphy, Director of Kids Content, Sky, said: “We all have a responsibility to do what we can to help protect our planet for the next generation. With Sky Kids, we want to produce content that not only inspires, excites, and engages young people but also helps them learn about important issues, such as climate change. COP26: In Your Hands features six incredible teenagers, whose actions and words I believe will really resonate with our audiences. I hope this film inspires many to take action.”

Chris Rogers, Creative Director of Fresh Start Media said: Greta Thunberg has been a great inspiration for so many young people. But when we set out to make this documentary, we really wanted to get a sense of who else was out there doing great work to highlight what’s been happening with our climate. This programme is really a message in a bottle to world leaders. These young activists want the politicians not just to talk about climate change or make more announcements about what they’re going to do in the distant future, but to listen to what they have to say and take action now.”

Jackie Edwards, Head of The Young Audiences Content Fund said: “The YACF exists to support the creation of unique and diverse shows for children and young people in this country. We are thrilled to have supported COP26: In Your Hands, which will give young audiences in the UK the opportunity to have their voices heard and their views on change reflected on screen.”

As well as being available to watch on Sky Kids and streaming service NOW, COP26: In Your Hands will also be available for streaming directly into every school in the UK on First News Education TV, the online channel from First News, the UK’s only newspaper for children.

Sky Kids’ COP26: In Your Hands is part of Sky’s work to highlight the climate crisis, and through Sky Zero, Sky is working to raise awareness about looking after the planet for the next generation, and environmental programming for children is part of how Sky can inspire kids and parents to look after the world they live in. As one of Europe’s leading broadcasters, Sky believes it has a responsibility to use its reach and voice to help drive important behavioral changes when it comes to the environment.

COP26: In Your Hands is a Fresh Start Media production and has been commissioned for Sky Kids by Lucy Murphy.

COP26: In Your Hands will air on Sky Kids and streaming service NOW on 18 October