Xumo hub on Xfinity X1 displayed on a TV.

XUMO Launches What to Watch Channel, Powered by Xfinity Editors

Key Takeaways

The new channel features 24/7 thematic programming of XUMO movies and tv shows coupled with Xfinity's editorial programming.
XUMO data reveals editorial curation of programming can drive a 5x increase in viewing.

Comcast and XUMO today announced the launch of the Xfinity What to Watch channel on the XUMO app.

The new channel is an industry-first for free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST) services and will bring XUMO customers across the country a 24/7 linear channel featuring entertainment recommendations from Xfinity’s team of movie and TV editors.

The launch comes as XUMO unveiled new data to underscore the importance of editorial to drive consumption of the growing collection of programming available on today’s FAST services. In 2021, programming that was included as part of XUMO’s editorial stunts and promotions saw a 5x increase in viewing compared to the pre-editorial average.

“With tens of thousands of hours of free programming available, we’re always looking for ways to create a more engaging experience and help our users find shows and movies of interest,” said Fern Feistel, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Content Operations, XUMO. “With the launch of the Xfinity What to Watch channel, we are taking our editorial strategy and programming to the next level by partnering with the Xfinity team, who has been curating and creating content collections across its platforms for more than 10 years, to create dynamic programming that will help our viewers discover something new across our growing catalog of choices.”

The Xfinity What to Watch channel will feature XUMO movies and TV shows selected by Xfinity’s team of editors, curated into thematic and timely programming blocks to offer a lean-back viewing experience akin to a traditional television channel. Additionally, Xfinity’s own editorial series, including Xfinity Hangouts and What to Watch Live will be interspersed within the live channel to give viewers more ways to find something to watch. Launched in 2019, Xfinity Hangouts feature the Xfinity editors sitting down and having candid conversations with stars from the latest shows and movies, and What to Watch Live, launched in 2021, feature the editors discussing the latest in entertainment to help viewers find their next favorite show.

The Xfinity What to Watch channel is available today on the XUMO app across devices. Comcast customers with Xfinity X1, Xfinity Flex or XClass TV can quickly find the channel by saying “What to Watch” into their voice remote.