The 'Primetime in Paris' logo superimposed over an image of the Paris skyline.

'Primetime in Paris' on NBC and Peacock to Deliver Most Entertaining and Compelling Action Every Night of Paris Olympics

Stamford, CT

NBCUniversal is re-imagining its Olympic primetime coverage for the Olympic Games Paris 2024 and renaming its signature show, Primetime in Paris, which will deliver enhanced storytelling and bring viewers closer to the Olympics than ever before every single night on NBC and Peacock.

Mike Tirico will host Primetime in Paris from Paris’ famed Trocadero, with the iconic Eiffel Tower and River Seine serving as the backdrop for NBCU’s Olympic primetime coverage.

Following are highlights of what viewers can expect on Primetime in Paris on NBC and Peacock:

  • Main Title Sequence – Each night’s Primetime in Paris will open with a cinematic main title sequence – created in partnership with award-winning studio Imaginary Forces – set to a new rendition of the iconic Olympic theme, Bugler’s Dream, setting the tone for the re-imagined primetime presentation which will evolve each night to highlight major moments and storylines.
  • Gold Medal Victories – Primetime in Paris will typically begin with a gold medal victory from competition that day, showcasing a life-changing victory within the first 10 minutes of the program.
  • Event of the Night – Each night’s Primetime in Paris will be punctuated by the “Event of the Night” in the show’s third hour, tapping into NBCU’s storytelling firepower to dive deep on the Games’ biggest stories and competitions with limited commercial interruption.
  • Enhanced Access and Technology – Primetime in Paris will bring viewers behind the scenes with unprecedented athlete access – including athlete-generated content, going inside the Olympic Village with medalists, mic’d up athletes with their families – to showcase the defining moments of the Games through innovative technology with in-depth analysis that advances and completes the story.
  • Snoop Dogg – Global megastar Snoop Dogg will be a part of Primetime in Paris most nights, joining Tirico with a report after a day of attending Olympic competitions, visiting with Olympic athletes and their friends and families, and exploring the unique sights and sounds that only Paris has to offer.

Primetime in Paris will be unlike any previous Olympic primetime show in U.S. television history,” said Rob Hyland, Primetime Producer, NBC Olympics. “We are going to be highly imaginative in our approach, distilling the best-of-the-best from each day’s events and telling those stories in a unique way. You may know what happened, but we’ll tell you how and why it happened, and complete the stories each night with additional context beyond the action. Whether it’s Snoop Dogg at gymnastics or an Olympian providing an exclusive first-person perspective as they achieve their lifelong dream, Primetime in Paris will be must-see TV every night.”

Primetime in Paris will also feature a revamped graphic treatment and imagery in and around Paris, showcasing the beauty of the City of Light from a more up-close-and-personal level for the audience at home.

The reimagined primetime show will follow NBCU’s most extensive daytime coverage for a European Olympic Games. Every day, NBC and Peacock will provide Olympic fans with at least nine hours of daytime coverage of the Summer Games’ most exciting events, including live finals coverage of swimming, gymnastics, track & field, and more. With Paris six hours ahead of the United States’ eastern time zone, the daytime takeover will feature that day’s most popular events live on NBC in the morning and afternoon. Paris 2024 will have more programming hours on the NBC broadcast network than any previous Olympics.