An xFi Pod in a holiday-decorated living room.

Xfinity Survey: Most Parents Say Kids Would Choose A Month of WiFi Over Top Toy on Holiday Wish List

Nearly two in five consumers value reliable WiFi over gifts this holiday season, and two-thirds of parents say their kids would choose WiFi over their top toy this year.

These findings released today in a study by Xfinity, the nation’s largest Internet provider, and Wakefield Research, highlight the importance of WiFi connectivity for this year’s holiday season.

Key learnings include:


64% of parents say their kids would choose a month of WiFi over the gift at the top of their holiday wish list this year.


The desire for reliable WiFi doesn’t end at the kids table, with 35% of Americans admitting WiFi is more important than gifts for their holiday celebrations.


In-person celebrations will continue to rise, with 64% of consumers saying they will attend in-person gatherings this year.


More holiday guests means more devices that rely on fast and reliable WiFi. As a result, one in five (19%) Americans upgraded their WiFi plan to accommodate more devices this holiday season.


Half of Millennials (50%) and nearly as many Gen Xers (47%) strongly agree that WiFi has become more central to holiday celebrations today than before the pandemic.


72% of all survey respondents agree video chats and virtual gatherings have allowed them to better connect with extended family and long-distance friends during the holidays.

Xfinity xFi lets customers manage their home WiFi network and all of the devices connected to it, including setting up screen time rules and parental controls. Someone at the holiday dinner table checking their phone instead of spending quality time with grandma? Xfinity xFi users can instantly pause individual devices or a profile from accessing the Internet when connected to your home network for a specific amount of time or until you unpause.

With Xfinity xFi, consumers can also see what devices are connected to their home network and give them nicknames for easy reference, create profiles to group devices by family member, receive alerts when new devices join their network (a.k.a. when guests arrive for your holiday gathering!), and more.

xFi also includes xFi Advanced Security, which helps protect all connected devices – including your holiday guests devices - at the gateway level from malware and other cyber security threats.

View the Xfinity xFi Holiday Hosting WiFi Tip Sheet to ensure your home is ready for any type of gathering - big or small, in person or virtual - this holiday season.