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Notion, a Comcast Company, Works with Honey Insurance to Help Homeowners Reduce Risk and Cost

Denver, CO

Notion, a Comcast Company, announced an exclusive agreement in Australia with Honey Insurance, to provide new customers with smart home sensors.

In addition to getting a complimentary Smart Home Sensor Kit valued at AU$250 that will help to proactively reduce loss and prevent small issues from becoming big headaches, Honey Insurance customers will also receive 8% off their premiums as soon as their sensors are activated.

Recently launched with the largest ever seed round for an Australian technology startup, Honey Insurance is Australia’s first smart technology insurtech. Not only does Honey provide Notion’s Smart Sensors to monitor risk, but it also uses satellite data to proactively detect changes to the home – such as the installation of a new pool – and automatically adjusts a customer’s policy to ensure adequate coverage.

“At Honey Insurance we are utilizing the best technology and services from around the world to provide Australians with better cover that is fast, simple to understand, intuitive to purchase, and designed for how people live today.” said Richard Joffe, Founder and CEO of Honey Insurance. “Insurance shouldn’t be ‘set and forget’. Thanks to our exclusive agreement with Notion, we are not only able to save our customers money, but also help make their homes smarter.”

Notion’s smart home sensors are multifunctional and can monitor for water leaks, the opening of doors and windows, and temperature changes – along with an app to manage it all. The sensors provide an easy DIY approach to smart monitoring, with no professional installation required and can be installed in less than 15 minutes.

“Notion smart sensors are changing the way property owners and insurers monitor risk. In fact, 84% of Notion users didn’t monitor water leaks prior to using Notion,” said Brett Jurgens, Notion’s CEO and Co-Founder. “We’re excited for Honey to bring our DIY solution into Australian homes as we expand across the globe to help reduce the complexities and risks of property ownership.”

Notion helps reduce risk for home owners by providing sensors that proactively monitor for issues like water leaks or temperature changes before they lead to significant damages and insurance costs.