Rory Mcilroy playing golf

NBC Sports Group and Rory McIlroy Team to Create GolfPass Digital Membership Experience

Key Takeaways

GOLFPASS delivers comprehensive perks and benefits including tee times, instructional tools, exclusive video, enhanced travel and shopping experiences.
Rory McIlroy, a founding partner of GOLFPASS, will provide exclusive content including an instructional series with Coach Michael Bannon and a podcast with Carson Daly.

Orlando, FL

NBC Sports Group and global golf superstar Rory McIlroy announced the launch of GOLFPASS, a new digital membership delivering comprehensive benefits tailored to the modern golfer’s lifestyle.

GOLFPASS is a first-of-its-kind, direct-to-consumer subscription program, which offers opportunities to play more golf, comprehensive tools to improve any golfer’s game; high-quality video content; and enhanced shopping and travel experiences. GOLFPASS is the product of two years of development and collaboration between Rory McIlroy Inc. and NBC Sports Group. The announcement was made today by McIlroy, GOLFPASS founder, and Mike McCarley, president, GOLF, NBC Sports.

“Golf has been a constant in my life, a passion I share with millions of others. Creating GOLFPASS with NBC Sports was driven by my desire to enrich the golf experience for fans all around the world,” said McIlroy. “Arnold Palmer showed tremendous vision when founding GOLF Channel in 1995 and it now stands as a significant part of his legacy. I have the utmost respect for the impact he made on the game and I will carry that spirit forward by helping to lead our sport into its digital future with GOLFPASS.”

“GOLFPASS is designed to make golf more accessible and fun using NBC Sports’ portfolio of golf tech and services that help better connect golfers to the sport. Whether it’s video instruction from the best coaches in the world or enhancing the golf experience on and off the course, GOLFPASS adds tremendous value for golfers,” said McCarley. “Rory is the perfect partner for GOLFPASS, not only because he’s an approachable, genuine and global ambassador for golf – much in the same way Mr. Palmer was – he’s also eager to modernize how golfers engage with the sport in their daily lives, whether watching a screen or with a club in their hand.”

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