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Head of Sky News Honored as Channel Scoops Multiple RTS Awards

Sky News scooped a total of six awards at the Royal Television Society (RTS) Television Journalism Awards tonight, including Channel of the Year, as Head of Sky News, John Ryley was honoured with the Outstanding Achievement award with the judges saying he had "effected genuine change in our business".

In a year that has consistently challenged and changed news on a global scale, the awards, for both news and current affairs, seek to recognize creative and excellent journalism by organizations whose broadcasts and online video content are transmitted from a UK-based platform or production base.

Sky News has proudly collected six awards including Channel of the Year for a fourth year running, News Coverage – International, News Coverage – Home and Specialist Journalist of the Year was awarded to Nick Martin. Further recognition through the Judges Choice Award was given to all Technical Teams from all broadcasters for ‘keeping news on the air’ throughout 2020 with unprecedented challenges. Finally, the Outstanding Achievement Award was awarded to Head of Sky News, John Ryley for his contribution to news for over 30 years.

In his acceptance speech Ryley touched on the importance of challenging the status quo, saying: “I hope that Sky News is today living proof that the proper role of any serious news organization is to not only report the news but to analyze it as well.

He also used the opportunity to highlight the need for the news industry to change to reflect modern Britain. “The biggest lesson that I have learned is, it’s not the strongest or the most intelligent that succeeds but those prepared to adapt and change. We all have more work still to do.

Luck, in television journalism still too often favors the white and middle class. Young people from ethnic minorities need far more than only luck to succeed. They need advice, support and opportunity to get on in our trade. And they need our respect for the new ideas and new skills they can offer us.”

On winning Channel of the Year, the judges praised Sky News for fulfilling ‘a vital function providing crucial information, as it emerged, that affected us all.’

The Outstanding Contribution Award was given to head of Sky News, John Ryley, who judges said had ‘effected genuine change in our business’ with ‘his integrity, influence and authority, colossal.’

Specialist Journalist of the Year was awarded to Nick Martin who ‘brought to life the human dramas of care home residents and their relatives while holding politicians to account.’

The News Coverage – International Award went to the Sky News team for ‘A Warning from Italy’, who the judges said showed ‘powerful and brave journalism’.

A further win saw Sky News take home the award for News Coverage – Home for ‘Covid UK’, which was described as ‘a must watch during these difficult times’ and offered ‘insight into the lives of ordinary people’.

As all broadcasters technical teams were awarded the Judges Choice Award, the judges commended the teams for continuing to ‘go to work despite personal risks’ and for ‘keeping journalism on the air.’

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