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Georgia State University, Comcast and CodePath Announce Launch of New Computer Science Education and Career Readiness Program

Georgia State University (GSU) and CodePath announced today a partnership that will the launch of the CodePath E3 Program.

This new program, which will be run by GSU and CodePath, provides students with high-quality, tech industry co-developed and vetted courses, student course and program support services, access to a network of professional engineers, and a career center offering 1:1 coaching and mentorships.

CodePath, the organization dedicated to reprogramming higher education to create the most diverse generation of technologists, works with colleges and universities around the country to provide both computer science (CS) and computer information systems (CIS) educational courses and career development and placement opportunities. Since its founding in 2017, more than 20,000 students have been admitted into CodePath programs, 64% of whom identify as low-income or coming from underrepresented communities. 

This partnership represents an expanded commitment to the Atlanta region, as CodePath first expanded to Georgia State University in 2021. To date, CodePath has served nearly 500 CS majors at GSU.

“As a tremendous tech hub, the City of Atlanta knows that investing in local pathways to tech careers is essential to building a resilient and prosperous community,” said City of Atlanta Senior Technology Advisor, Donnie Beamer. “We are proud to support CodePath and Georgia State University working together to create an inclusive and diverse tech ecosystem in Atlanta with this new program that is being made available to thousands of students. CodePath's work aligns with our focus on equity, and we are excited to support their efforts to provide high-quality technical training to students from underrepresented backgrounds.”

Nationally, CodePath alumni see an 80% increase in successful job or internship placement and leave school with a $92,000 average salary, which is nearly double that for non-computer science graduates.


Increase in successful job/internship placement

The partnership is currently being offered to the more than 3,000 computer science students at GSU and the 1,000 computer science students at Georgia State’s Perimeter College. The E3 Program is supported by grants from the United States Economic Development Administration, the Kapor Foundation and Project UP, Comcast’s $1 billion initiative to connect people to the Internet and provide the digital skills training needed to advance economic mobility.

Comcast is excited to provide financial support to CodePath and GSU to help launch this critically important program that will create new opportunities for students in Atlanta and beyond.
Dalila Wilson-Scott
EVP & Chief Diversity Officer of Comcast Corporation and President of Comcast NBCUniversal Foundation

“Technology is advancing at a rapid pace, so we know it is imperative that our educational and career preparation programs have the resources needed to stay up to date. We look forward to seeing Atlanta play a major role in developing the next generation of technologists and engineers,” said Dalila Wilson-Scott, EVP & Chief Diversity Officer of Comcast Corporation and President of Comcast NBCUniversal Foundation.

“This new program — which further supports our Beyond College to Career and Student Success 2.0 strategic plan pillars — will help us prepare all students, including more women and diverse students, for rewarding careers in tech,” said Georgia State President M. Brian Blake. “As a computer scientist and a person of color, this is extra special for me.”

“This is a big deal for the students in the GSU system and companies nationwide due to increasing demand for CS and CIS grads. Our goal at CodePath is to work with great institutions like GSU and funders like Comcast, so that we can meet the needs of and best prepare all of the students who take these courses to step seamlessly into fulfilling internships and careers,” said CodePath Co-Founder and CEO Michael Ellison. “By doing this work, we are helping to bridge the gap for communities of kids who for too long have felt shut out of tech. This new program represents a massive acceleration of our work in Atlanta and we are grateful to the entire team at GSU, Comcast, the Atlanta Mayor’s Office, and the U.S. Economic Development Administration for their support of these efforts.”

“Tackling the challenges of today calls for nurturing a new generation of tech leaders – individuals brimming with creativity, adaptability, and the entrepreneurial spirit – to drive innovation and implement transformative solutions,” said Isabelle Monlouis, associate director of the Russell Center for Entrepreneurship in the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Institute at Georgia State. “This groundbreaking partnership, carefully crafted to be scalable and replicable across various educational institutions and communities, empowers students who were once overlooked to emerge as leaders in the tech industry.”

CodePath program participants can take courses in Technical Interview Prep (TIP), Web Development, iOS Development, Android Development, and Cybersecurity. Students will also get access to CodePath industry partners for site tours and paid internships. 

Students at GSU and Perimeter College can start enrolling in the E3 Pathway program now by visiting https://www.codepath.org/e3. Courses are set to begin in Spring 2024.