2023 FIFA Women's World Cup content displayed on a TV.

Entertainment OS 1.2: Making it Faster and Easier Than Ever to Enjoy the Content You Love on Sky Glass and Sky Stream

Sky has rolled out new features to Entertainment OS, the Sky Glass and Sky Stream operating system that keeps getting smarter, as Entertainment OS 1.2 arrives on all devices this week.

Entertainment OS 1.2 brings you a new way to ‘manage all’ your curated Playlists, a faster way to ‘Restart’ any TV programme or film, a new ‘continue watching’ rail for Netflix content.

And with the Women’s Football World Cup in full swing, a bonus remote upgrade has been unveiled, with new voice commands taking you to the heart of the action.

Sky Glass and Sky Stream keep getting smarter with regular updates and features added to the Entertainment OS based, making it easier for you find and watch the content you love. 

Playlist – The new ‘manage all’ feature

You now have even more control of Playlist with ‘manage all’: one place to see and manage everything you’ve added. Just scroll to the end of Playlist and select the ‘manage all’ button.  

Easily browse everything that’s saved in different Personal Playlists, all in one place, and remove the stuff you don’t want anymore. 

Just press + on the remote to move TV shows and films from one Playlist to another by selecting which Personal Playlist you want to move it to. 

Avoid any crucial spoilers, with the ability to restart from a Show Page

Restart option is now available from Show Pages, so you can watch any live from the start without having to tune into the channel and risk a spoiler. 

So, if you’ve missed the start of a live broadcast of a must-watch sports fixture, or that season finale everyone’s talking about, you don’t have to worry about accidentally catching goals or plot twists you’re not ready to see! 

You’ll still be able to restart from the TV Guide or when you tune to a channel, giving you plenty of ways to never miss the start of a show. 

If the programme is airing on a BBC channel, you will be taken to the BBC iPlayer app. 

'Continue watching’ rail now with Netflix 

All the shows and films you’re watching on Netflix can now be found in the ‘continue watching’ rail so you can easily pick up from where you left off, without having to launch the Netflix app. 

Auto-switch off for Sky Glass 

If you accidentally turn on your Sky Glass by just saying “Hello Sky” without another voice command, it’ll automatically turn itself off after 30 seconds of inactivity or interaction, saving you power. 

This is in addition to the auto-standby mode already featured on Sky Glass, which means if there's no movement detected for one hour, an on-screen message will appear for about five seconds before your Sky Glass goes into standby mode.

Football World Cup Voice Commands  

To celebrate the start of the World Cup, phrases like ‘Lionesses’, ‘It’s Coming Home’ and ‘Women’s World Cup’ are just a few of the new commands that now take you to a new destination page.  

From there, you can browse the live games, catch-up on highlights and see the latest in the results tables.

The full list of World Cup Voice Commands features:  

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  • Women’s World Cup opening ceremony 
  • FIFA Women’s World cup live 
  • It’s Coming Home 
  • Lionesses 
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