Ed Helms in an ad for Xfinity Internet.

Ed Helms, Evander Holyfield and Faze Clan Have Never Been Mentioned in the Same Sentence, Until Now

Philadelphia, PA

Comcast today announced that Ed Helms, actor, comedian and star of Peacock’s Rutherford Falls and True Story, NBC’s The Office, and feature films like The Hangover trilogy, will star in the company’s new Xfinity Internet advertising.

The campaign will showcase how Xfinity’s supersonic WiFi is made to help you do anything –– just like the everyday characters Helms is known to portray on the big screen – so you can be unbeatable.

“I’m grateful to be a part of Xfinity’s Unbeatable campaign,” said Ed Helms. “I’ve always wished I could do things at supersonic speeds as my superpower –– and now I can because I’m unbeatable, thanks to Xfinity.”

In the ads, supersonic WiFi catapults Helms through outer space, with speeds faster than a gig. The incredible bandwidth of Xfinity’s newest gateway, connecting hundreds of devices at once, allows Helms to duplicate himself to achieve ultimate productivity. Helms is not alone in his endeavor to be unbeatable –– he has his sidekicks, Evander Holyfield, who brings the cybersecurity protection of Xfinity’s Advanced Security feature to life by protecting Helms from hackers in a coffee shop, and FaZe Swagg, from FaZe Clan battles a villain in partnership with Helms in a virtual game they are playing.

“America’s favorite best friend, Ed Helms, perfectly embodies the spirit of supersonic WiFi and how with Xfinity Internet, anyone can be unbeatable,” said Sophie Ahmad, EVP and CMO, Comcast Cable.

Only Xfinity Internet brings together the best connection, fastest speeds, complete security, and all-around best experience to deliver truly unbeatable Internet.
Sophie Ahmad
EVP and CMO, Comcast Cable

Xfinity’s Unbeatable Internet comes packed with:

  • Supersonic WiFi: With the fastest gig-speed WiFi, and our new WiFi 6E capable gateway, customers can power a house full of connected devices — all at once.
  • Ultimate Security: Help keep loved ones safe and secure online with xFi Advanced Security, included at no extra cost. Advanced Security helps protect customers’ devices from billions of cyberthreats a year, and customers can add xFi Complete to extend that security on the go.
  • Powerful Connection: The newest Gateway provides a more reliable connection for all connected devices. And with xFi Complete, get wall-to-wall WiFi coverage throughout the home, with an xFi Pod included if recommended.

Xfinity customers with X1 can watch the ads and pull up a special unbeatable destination on their TV screen by saying “Unbeatable You” into the voice remote.