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Comcast’s machineQ Enterprise IoT Service Announces Next Wave of Customers

Philadelphia, PA

IoT connectivity and service platform continues to make progress by adding multiple new IoT industry solution providers.

Building on the momentum from its March customer announcement, Comcast’s enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) service, machineQ, today announced the addition of several customers spanning a broad range of industries and use cases – including asset tracking, utility and water metering, facilities management, and agriculture. MachineQ is a scalable, B2B IoT platform that uses Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) technology to offer enterprise-grade solutions for businesses and municipal organizations. The service is deployed using the globally adopted LoRaWAN™ protocol.

“There is clearly demand for connecting people and equipment assets across large, open environments like golf courses, sports venues, universities, municipalities and resorts using a more reliable and less costly network than cell-based networks,” said David Vanslette, CEO, FAIRWAYiQ. “The value of FAIRWAYiQ’s golf course management solution is being demonstrated across private golf courses like Sharon Heights in Silicon Valley, public courses like Potomac Shores, multi-course operators and the PGA TOUR. With machineQ’s ability to deliver localized connectivity and cloud-based network and device on-boarding and monitoring software, we can scale our business to meet the needs of our customers in a very short period of time.”

There is clearly demand for connecting people and equipment assets across large, open environments like golf courses, sports venues, universities, municipalities and resorts using a more reliable and less costly network than cell-based networks.
David Vanslette

The following IoT providers are a sampling of the growing list of customers leveraging machineQ’s network and platform:

FAIRWAYiQ (Asset Tracking)

Massachusetts-based FAIRWAYiQ provides real-time monitoring and management for golf courses and adjacent organizations, like sports stadiums, municipalities, universities, and resorts that are reliant upon small, motorized equipment and labor productivity. The company is leveraging machineQ’s network platform to wirelessly deliver data to managers about common golf course issues like pace of play, employee scheduling and task benchmarking, and the performance and location of maintenance equipment. Using that data, managers are empowered to make more informed decisions about how to more effectively allocate budget and deploy resources.

H2O Degree (Utility Metering)

For over a decade, H2O Degree has manufactured a broad line of wireless utility sub-metering products for multi-family dwelling and commercial facilities. The systems are ideal for tenant billing, water leak detection and energy analytics. The integration of the LoRaWAN based sub-metering system with the expansive and secure machineQ IoT platform provides a scalable enterprise-grade network for H2O Degree to expand its customer base.

Seco Sys (Water Metering)

The Seco Sys HydraCommunity is a platform used by mining operations, campuses, and utilities to manage water. Beyond automatic meter reading, the company’s IoT platform reads sensors measuring water quality, temperature, pressure, and tank levels. All sensor data is transmitted through its HydraLink Edge Computing Devices that leverage the Comcast machineQ IoT network.

SteamIQ (Facilities Management)

Steam energy is a major part of modern businesses and used to power wide range of things including; radiators, water heaters, industrial kettles, refineries, sterilizers and turbines. A steam trap is an integral device that removes condensate moisture (water) from a steam system without losing any significant steam energy. Massachusetts-based SteamIQ provides facilities with real-time data on steam trap performance and by leveraging the machineQ LoRaWAN network, can now wirelessly transmit data from deep indoor and underground locations.

Vinduino (Agriculture)

California-based Vinduino helps agriculture communities, specifically in the vineyard and wine-making industry, more effectively manage water usage through open source technologies. The company’s LoRaWAN irrigation valve controller and mobile app, operating on the machineQ IoT network, allows growers to remotely operate irrigation systems and autonomously adapt crop management to changing climate conditions; ultimately optimizing their fruit quality yield and saving money by using water more efficiently.

“We’re helping break down barriers to entry for B2B-focused IoT solution providers because our cloud-based, scalable and secure IoT hardware and software solutions have the ability to extract device data from hard to reach locations with low power requirements – that traditional wireless connectivity options can’t offer,” said Alex Khorram, General Manager of machineQ. “These qualities, are opening up a whole new world of use cases and vertical industries for our customers, leading to new market opportunities and helping them to quickly scale their business to meet their customers’ demands.”

In addition to these new customers, machineQ is providing LoRaWAN based IoT hardware and software for solution providers that serve a wide range of industries, including; energy, healthcare, life sciences, retail, pest control, smart cities, and more. For more information, visit www.machineQ.com.

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