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Comcast NBCUniversal LIFT Labs Selects 10 Startups for Accelerator on Emerging Enterprise AI Solutions

Philadelphia, PA

Today, Comcast NBCUniversal LIFT Labs announced the launch of its Enterprise AI Accelerator, where ten selected startups will spend the next six weeks working alongside leaders from Comcast to explore advancements in artificial intelligence for large-scale businesses.

Comcast NBCUniversal LIFT Labs is focused on facilitating startup-enterprise partnerships through access and connection to Comcast’s network of business leaders and corporate partners. The accelerator welcomes startups at various stages in their entrepreneurial journeys, from pre-seed to growth stage, and does not involve issuance of equity in exchange for participation. This program is LIFT Labs’ second accelerator in 2023, following a Generative AI-themed program earlier this spring that resulted in all participants securing partnerships with Comcast organizations.

The Comcast NBCUniversal LIFT Labs Enterprise AI Accelerator Cohort includes:

  • Aragorn AI - HR integration platform for people operations teams, automating and managing employee data across all vendor systems regardless of vendor data format or API specification. Founders: Ed Adjei, Gladys Adjei, & Eric Adjei | San Francisco, CA

  • Cleanlab - Data-centric AI software that automatically finds and fixes issues in image/text/tabular datasets. Their technology was pioneered through years of PhD research at MIT.
    Founders: Curtis Northcutt, Jonas Mueller, & Anish Athalye | Boston, MA
  • CodeComplete - AI coding assistant that addresses the needs of enterprise users better than the currently available tools. Its technology deploys within an enterprise’s firewall so that code never leaves a client’s servers.
    Founders: Lydia Ding & Max Lu | San Francisco, CA
  • Deci - Solution to help developers build, optimize, and deploy faster and more accurate models for any environment including cloud, edge, and mobile.

    Founders: Jonathan Elial & Yonatan Geifman | Tel Aviv, Israel

  • DynamoFL - Solution to identify and address enterprise data security vulnerabilities in Generative AI applications, founded by a group of machine learning Ph.Ds and privacy experts from MIT and Harvard.
    Founder: Christian Lau| San Francisco, CA
  • FeatureByte - AI-based self-service platform that empowers data scientists and machine learning engineers to create and select state-of-the-art features from raw data and deploy production-ready pipelines in minutes instead of weeks or months.
    Founders: Razi Raziuddin & Xavier Conort | Shrewsbury, MA
  • Grit - AI-powered automation of software maintenance, traditionally a time-consuming task for software engineering teams, geared toward large enterprises.
    Founders: Cosmin Radoi & Morgante Pell | New York, NY
  • Impact AI - AI-enabled simplification of the compliance process with a user-friendly and intuitive interface that ensures easy adoption and implementation.
    Founders: Anna Maria Brunnhofer-Pedemonte & Justin Bercich | Linz, Upper Austria
  • Sailes - AI automation of all sales prospecting points for enterprise sales teams – from discovery to engagement to opportunity.
    Founder: Nick Smith | Kansas City, MO
  • UneeQ - Conversational AI, using advanced technology to create virtual assistants that can provide unassisted customer support and deliver training and education in real-time.
    Founder: Danny Tomsett | Austin, TX

“We see tremendous value in partnering with startup founders through our LIFT Labs programming to learn more about the latest innovations and explore how they might be beneficial for our businesses in the future,” said Sam Schwartz, Chief Business Development Officer at Comcast.

Advancements in AI are helping enterprises become smarter, faster, and more agile, and we look forward to engaging with these impressive startups.
Sam Schwartz
Chief Business Development Officer at Comcast

In addition to receiving concierge-level support through Comcast’s network of business units and functional areas, participants will also engage in a bespoke curriculum featuring guidance in topics such as marketing, media relations, and enterprise sales. They join a network of more than 60 alumni from Comcast’s five years of startup programming. The program is run in partnership with VentureFuel – an organization that specializes in the commercialization of new technology through corporate-startup collaborations.

The Enterprise AI Accelerator will conclude with a startup showcase in November. Corporates, investors, and startup leaders interested in learning more about this year’s cohort and Comcast NBCUniversal LIFT Labs are encouraged to visit and follow LIFT Labs channels across LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and X to learn more.