A wall-mounted Xfinity Home camera.

Comcast Launches Simple and Affordable Home Security Offering to Prevent Package Theft

Philadelphia, PA

Comcast today announced a new Xfinity Home offering called Self Protection designed for consumers who want features like high-quality security cameras with continuous video recording, but who may not need a professionally installed and monitored whole-home security system.

Self Protection is available to all Xfinity Internet customers with an xFi Gateway and is powered by xFi and Xfinity Home cameras, along with 24/7 continuous video recording for seven days for $10/month and no term contract required.

“A growing number of consumers are seeking easy to install home monitoring solutions to keep an eye on their packages, pets, loved ones, or simply the front door,” said Kelly Barlow, Senior Vice President, Connectivity and Home, Comcast. “Our new Self Protection service is built for these customers who want peace of mind knowing they can keep an eye on the things that are important to them with a service that is built using an award-winning product like Xfinity Home. Just like we did with Xfinity Flex, we want to provide our customers with our leading products in a way that they want to consume them – over the Internet and at an affordable price.”

According to Deliotte, 73 percent of shoppers plan to have items delivered this holiday season, opening up new opportunities for porch pirates to snag a package from the front stoop. Self Protection provides consumers with a new, simple solution for package theft, as they can keep an eye on the front door 24/7 for the safety of their packages, and more. It includes seven days of uninterrupted video — not just clips like most comparable services in the market – with key moments highlighted in the app or on the TV screen.  Additionally, the service sends alerts to your mobile phone when cameras detect people or activity. Since it records continuously, customers also have the ability to easily search footage by people or vehicle activity to ensure they never miss those critical moments.


of shoppers plan to have items delivered this holiday season.

Beyond the unique continuous recording, what sets the service apart is how seamlessly it integrates into the entire Xfinity ecosystem:

  • Automatically Connects to Your WiFi – Taking a page from the effortless onboarding experience of activating xFi Pods, Xfinity cameras will auto-connect to the customer’s WiFi network and integrate into the Xfinity app for one convenient place to manage your Internet connection and home security cameras. Built for connectivity, even if you change your WiFi password, the cameras automatically reconnect.
  • Physical and Digital Security Combined – By onboarding Self Protection cameras into xFi they are protected by xFi Advanced Security, as Comcast is the only provider to include this cybersecurity protection service that safeguards all of the connected devices in the home free to all xFi Gateway customers.
  • Remote Control – With the Xfinity app, using xFi customers can pause the Internet connection to their home security cameras and stop a recording from anywhere. Self Protection is also integrated into Xfinity X1 and Flex, so customers can control their cameras with their Xfinity Voice Remote.
  • Watch on the Big Screen – With Self Protection, customers can keep on eye on the front door, their pet, backyard, or loved ones using the Xfinity Voice Remote by pulling up live feeds or video clips on the biggest screen in their homes – the television.  
  • Xfinity Home Cameras – Xfinity’s home security camera is one of the few cameras in market built for both indoor and outdoor use for maximum flexibility that also has HD quality and nightvision. Customers can onboard up to four Xfinity Home cameras and they can be purchased outright for $120 each or via a payment plan at $5/month for 24 months per camera.
We want to provide our customers with our leading products in a way that they want to consume them – over the Internet and at an affordable price.
Kelly Barlow
Senior Vice President, Connectivity and Home, Comcast

Self Protection customers can easily upgrade anytime to Xfinity Home’s professionally monitoring home security service, which was named CNET’s best professionally installed home security product two years in a row. A technician will professionally install the full-featured service using the same cameras. Customers interested in purchasing Self Protection can visit www.xfinity.com/learn/internet-service/self-protection for more information.

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