An Xfinity Storm-Ready WiFi station and cellular backup unit.

Comcast Is The First Internet Provider to Offer a Back-Up Connectivity Device Designed to Keep Customers Connected During a Storm

Key Takeaways

Xfinity’s Storm-Ready WiFi solution is equipped with cellular back-up enabling customers to work and stream without interruption.
The device doubles as a WiFi extender and delivers strong WiFi signal to hard-to-reach corners of the home.

Philadelphia, PA

Today Comcast becomes the first Internet Provider to offer a product designed to maintain connectivity when a storm hits, trees are down, or a customer experiences a local outage, with the launch of Storm-Ready WiFi.

With severe weather impacting many parts of the country, there has never been a greater need for a back-up connectivity solution. Comcast’s new Storm-Ready WiFi device is equipped with cellular back-up and a four-hour rechargeable battery, more than enough power to keep customers up and running for the average power outage in the U.S. of two hours*. Storm-Ready WiFi gives customers peace of mind that they’ll be able to maintain connectivity at home, as it provides a seamless connection with auto failover. When the power goes out, the customer’s network is automatically transitioned to cellular back-up so they can continue the use of their Internet.

Storm-Ready WiFi also doubles as a WiFi extender to deliver a strong WiFi signal to those hard-to-reach corners of the home. The device works with Xfinity gateways to create a wall-to-wall mesh network that seamlessly extends coverage throughout customers’ homes. Storm-Ready WiFi is also WiFi 6 capable, elevating the WiFi experience in the home with faster speeds, lower latency and increased bandwidth to power more devices in the ever-increasing connected homes of today.

“With so much of our daily lives dependent on WiFi connectivity, we knew our customers needed a product that could help keep them connected no matter what life throws at them – even during a storm,” said Emily Waldorf, SVP, Consumer Internet Services, Comcast Cable. “Storm-Ready WiFi is that solution.”

Not only does Storm-Ready WiFi extend coverage to deliver our best-in-class WiFi to hard-to-reach corners of the home, but it also gives customers the peace of mind that their connection at home can continue even when the power is out.
Emily Waldorf
SVP, Consumer Internet Services, Comcast Cable

Storm-Ready WiFi’s Key Features Usher in a New Era of Reliability:

Recycled Materials

Comcast’s commitment to sustainable innovation includes reducing materials, increasing recyclability, and utilizing recycled materials in products. Storm-Ready WiFi is Comcast’s first device designed using recycled materials, with the casing made from 65% post-consumer recycled plastic.

Great Value

For the low price of $7 a month for 36 months, customers can purchase Storm-Ready WiFi that comes backed with WiFi extending capabilities that stretch speeds to all corners of the home, a back-up cellular connection, unlimited cellular data, a 4-hour back-up battery that gives customers the peace of mind that they’ll always be connected, even when the power goes out.

Xfinity’s Storm-Ready WiFi goes on sale today. The device will be available for purchase at Xfinity Stores and on

* The U.S. Energy Information Administration:,vegetation%20patterns%2C%20and%20utility%20practices

**Speeds will be limited to those then offered through the available LTE cellular service.

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