Comcast Business Powers February’s Biggest Broadcast Events

Philadelphia, PA

Comcast Business has partnered with NBCUniversal to manage critical components of the broadcast and digital transport for all its broadcasts, including two of television’s biggest events, Super Bowl LII and the 2018 Winter Olympics.

NBCUniversal’s broadcast facilities across the country are now directly connected to Comcast Business’ next generation, advanced network, enabling the broadcast of the company’s 24x7 content. Comcast Business has also been strategically integrated into 29 NBC and Telemundo-owned and operated stations, seamlessly integrating broadcast and digital linear distribution, while supporting the connectivity required to uplink the NBC network to more than 200 affiliate stations across the country. Comcast Business’ robust network provides NBCUniversal with a fully diverse, end-to-end service to ensure better reliability and control over the delivery process.

“For our broadcast business, availability and reliability of service are our foremost responsibilities,” said Ian Trombley, President of NBCUniversal Operations and Technology. “Having a reliable partner to help us deliver our broadcast networks, including our most critical live events, is key – and Comcast Business is that strategic partner.”

NBCUniversal leverages Comcast Business’ advanced Metro Ethernet Services – specifically a secure 10 Gigabit Diverse Wave infrastructure and 1G Diverse Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EvPL) connection. Comcast Business’ Ethernet & Wave solutions deliver a high-performance, secure connection between sites that serves as a modern alternative to traditional TDM private lines, and older packet technologies like Frame Relay. EvPL is ideal for mission-critical, sensitive data applications as it allows users to bypass the public Internet and securely transmit traffic over a private connection, backed by a highly available, defined SLA.

"Comcast Business is proud to partner with NBCUniversal. We’ve built a network with the performance and reliability to distribute thousands of hours of broadcast and online content to millions of homes across America everyday – ensuring viewers never miss a moment,” said Bill Stemper, President of Comcast Business. “As the size and scope of an event increase, so to do the stakes. We’re uniquely aware of how critical speed and reliability are when distributing broadcasts of this magnitude. That’s why we’re laser focused on every aspect of their transport to ensure exceptional service and a flawless viewing experience.”

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