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Comcast Business' New Data Center Pact Opens Gateway Between U.S. and Asia

San Jose, CA

Cerulean Global Services’ Data Centers leverage Comcast Business Solutions to enable companies to more easily conduct business between the United States and Asia.

Comcast Business today announced that Cerulean Global Services (Cerulean), a data center provider offering colocation and managed services, has selected Comcast Business to install 100Gbps circuits between the company’s San Jose and Rancho Cordova, Calif. data centers, to help power the data center to become the secure destinations for expanding Asian enterprises into U.S. markets, and vice versa.

With the largest fiber-based Ethernet networks capable of delivering speeds up to 100Gbps, Comcast Business appealed to Cerulean as a reputable and reliable carrier to link Cerulean’s data centers in San Jose and Rancho Cordova with the rest of the world. This will be the first time that international service providers and global enterprises can co-locate with Cerulean at their data centers. Comcast Business’ 100Gbps connection will help these international providers and customers send and receive large amounts of data into the U.S. market.

In all, the data centers and their client enterprises will have the opportunity to leverage an efficient data circuit and storage exchange. The sharing of such large amounts of data typically occurs via two to three central offices. With the 100Gbps circuit capacity, the data sharing can bypass multiple stops and connect point-to-point with Cerulean’s data centers.

"I’ve been in the data center industry here in Silicon Valley from the beginning when microcomputers were starting to boom. As the year 1990 approached, I began making serious plans for the data center I wanted to create," said Ken Choi, CEO of Cerulean Global Services. "With my years of industry experience combined with the constantly changing technical environment, our data center offers a cost-effective, reliable, fast and flexible solution for our clients. Comcast Business’ solutions are in line with our core practice, so we’re looking forward to working with them in our two locations."

Cerulean will leverage Comcast Business’ Enterprise Transport and Transit solutions. Specific solutions include the Ethernet Private Line and Ethernet Virtual Private Line, which will deliver a rare circuit of connectivity bridging a continuous exchange of data, information and commerce.

Comcast Business provides a variety of market leading global enterprise solutions that help businesses grow, innovate and transform industries. With Comcast Business’ help, Cerulean can provide Asian enterprises access to more than 35 million customers in its data centers.

"This partnership with Cerulean is a prime example of how our market-leading solutions can be a game changer for businesses seeking to innovate and transform their industries," said David Brown, Vice President, Comcast Business California Region. "Powering this data gateway for its clients here and abroad represents the sheer possibilities Comcast Business’ affords today’s industry pioneers."