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Comcast Business and NetLevel Partner to Create the Future of Out-of-Home Digital Entertainment

San Jose, CA

Comcast Business today announced that it is providing Gig-speed connectivity to NetLevel Inc., the innovator of the first out-of-home entertainment network, to propel the digital transformation of movie theaters nationwide.

As the entertainment industry continues to evolve, movie theater operators are seeking new ways to attract customers and generate revenue – particularly during off-peak times, including weeknights. NetLevel is helping movie theaters embrace digital streaming by turning brick and mortar locations into continuous, seven-day-a-week digital entertainment destinations hosting eSports events, simulcasting concerts and local sporting events, streaming sports match-ups and more.

To enable movie theaters to identify and create new business models centered around streaming digital content, NetLevel required a secure, high-speed network to connect its San Jose network equipment center with 65 auditoriums nationwide. NetLevel selected Comcast Business to design and deploy a nationwide Ethernet virtual private line network (EVPL), allowing the out-of-home entertainment network to stream data-rich content from eSports to live concerts.

All 65 partner movie theater locations have been furnished with Comcast Business’ scalable Gig-speed internet access, allowing each to connect to the NetLevel San Jose core network. Now NetLevel can digitally deliver entertainment content to these theaters at up to 10 Gigabits/second, providing its customers the connectivity they need to seize new revenue opportunities.

With Comcast Business’ national network infrastructure in place, NetLevel can dynamically scale operations to meet growing entertainment digital streaming demand. NetLevel intends to expand from 65 theaters to approximately 600 U.S. movie theaters by summer 2020, with plans to rollout to over 6,000 locations by 2022.

“We launched NetLevel two years ago with a vision for disrupting the community entertainment industry and propelling digital transformation at movie theaters across the country,” said Ray Bell, NetLevel CEO. “With Comcast Business, we have the provider and Gig-speed connectivity we need to help turn that vision into a reality.”

As NetLevel’s out-of-home entertainment network grows, Comcast Business is poised to install coaxial and fiber connectivity at additional NetLevel movie theater locations.

“For the first time, folks in San Francisco can watch the next big eSports championship taking place in Houston at their favorite local movie theater with fellow fans,” said David Brown, Vice President, Comcast Business. “At Comcast, our network solutions become market differentiators and enable our customers to disrupt and succeed in their respective industries. As streaming and interactive event demand continues to explode, our industry leading network is equipped to expand proportionately.”

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