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Comcast Business Works with LifeMoves to Implement Solutions that Address Homelessness in Silicon Valley

Menlo Park, CA

Comcast Business today announced it is supplying LifeMoves with critical technology to better serve people experiencing homelessness across the Silicon Valley region.

The upgraded Internet and integrated network will support employees as they continue to serve the community and those in need, even while working remotely, in addition to addressing clients’ technology needs.

LifeMoves is dedicated to finding solutions to homelessness in Silicon Valley. Its programs are designed to support the growing needs of people experiencing homelessness by providing a temporary place to call home and intensive, customized case management through interim supportive housing programs and community outreach. LifeMoves currently operates 26 interim housing and service sites, in addition to multiple COVID-19 emergency sites as the pandemic continues to impact both the existing homeless population and those at risk of homelessness.

LifeMoves replaced its existing dial-up Internet with Comcast Business’ high-speed Business Internet, Ethernet Dedicated Internet and advanced SD-WAN solution on the ActiveCore SDN Platform across 17 of its sites in January 2020. This provided LifeMoves with the necessary technology to quickly expand capacity and continue providing support to clients once the pandemic hit. As a result, LifeMoves’ clients can continue to work with their Case Managers and participate in programs virtually and use the LifeMoves-provided tablets to access online job applications, schooling and telehealth. Furthermore, Comcast Business’ VoiceEdge solution paired with its reliable connectivity services provides LifeMoves employees with the support they need to conduct virtual meetings with staff and clients, and continue community outreach, fundraising and other programs across multiple regions in Silicon Valley.

“Collaboratively engaging a wide range of key stakeholders is an essential part of our program and an important aspect in empowering and improving the lives of the individuals we serve. Comcast Business’ innovative solutions serve as the catalyst that enables our programing” said Paul Simpson, Chief Financial Officer, LifeMoves. “While the road ahead is long, we are dedicated to serving our community and those experiencing homelessness in the area. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Human centered care plans supported by technology thought leaders like Comcast are essential in maintaining our commitment to our clients and ensuring they can return to stable housing successfully.” 

LifeMoves has recently opened two new interim housing sites to better serve hundreds of unhoused individuals and families in Half Moon Bay and Mountain View in response to the pandemic-related surge in homelessness. Comcast Business will provide Internet and SD-WAN service to these new sites.

“LifeMoves is extremely effective in finding solutions to homelessness and helping people return to stable homes, even as the number of people experiencing homelessness in the Silicon Valley area continues to rise. As such, shelters and community programs like LifeMoves require fast, flexible and reliable network connectivity to successfully support the needs of their clients and employees,” said Kristeen Cominiello, Vice President of Comcast Business in California. “Comcast Business is proud of the work we’re doing with LifeMoves and we look forward to continuing to support the team in helping to improve the lives of thousands of people across the region.” 

For more information, please visit https://business.comcast.com/local/california