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Comcast Business Launches SmartOffice Motion Insights

Philadelphia, PA

Advanced Motion Detection Analytics to Provide Business Customers Actionable Insights into Their Business.

Comcast Business today announced the launch of Comcast Business SmartOffice  Motion Insights, a new feature of its SmartOffice  solution. The all-new dashboard, featuring advanced motion detection analytics, will provide business managers and owners a comprehensive view of their cameras and quick links to watch live footage and playback video.

Comcast Business is the only cable provider to offer its customers the ablilty to leverage motion detection analytics to make data-driven business decisions. For example, a business owner can assess peak and non-peak hours based on the amount of foot traffic coming through the business and adjust staffing accordingly. The new dashboard will provide customers with a consolidated view of their business activity by pooling data from all of the customer’s SmartOffice cameras, as well as the motion detection analytics for each individual camera.

“Our new SmartOffice Motion Insights dashboard will transform how businesses use and benefit from their video monitoring solutions,” said Christian Nascimento, Executive Director, Premise Services, Comcast Business. “No longer limited to just video recording, our advanced solutions are providing businesses with actionable intelligence they can leverage to improve overall business performance.”

The SmartOffice Motion Insights dashboard will provide customers a deeper understanding of the activities that take place across all parts of their business and will help inform critical business decisions. On each camera in the portal, a bar chart will depict the past eight hours of motion activity. Clicking on a specific bar will launch the customer directly into the recorded footage from the beginning of the hour selected. Motion Insights will also provide a line graph illustrating the level of motion activity across the entire premises. 

 A rendering of the SmartOffice dashboard containing a line graph and screen shots of surveillance footage.

By providing a snapshot of the camera motion activities over the course of the previous eight hours, SmartOffice customers will be able to quickly and easily understand peak hours of movement in their business. SmartOffice provides customers with access to video footage that is securely streamed to and stored in the cloud for up to thirty days.

This upgrade is available immediately, at no additional cost, to all SmartOffice customers. For more information, please visit: https://business.comcast.com/smartoffice