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Comcast Business and NBCUniversal Join 'Stand for Small' Coalition

Philadelphia, PA

Comcast Business and NBCUniversal announced that they have joined ‘Stand for Small’ in partnership with American Express and a growing group of companies to provide meaningful support for small businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The partnership brings the power of more than 70 U.S. corporations to support millions of small businesses through a centralized, digital platform with valuable resources, offers, tools, expert advice, and other benefits to help companies navigate the COVID-19 crisis and recovery efforts.

“Small businesses empower our communities and drive local economies. Right now, millions of them face unprecedented challenges as they steer their companies through the coronavirus pandemic,” said Bill Stemper, President, Comcast Business. “Through the ‘Stand for Small’ coalition, Comcast Business is able to offer resources to help these small businesses succeed, along with tools on how to adapt during these times. We are proud to join ‘Stand for Small’ to help small businesses become stronger together.”

“We are grateful for the support of Comcast Business, NBCUniversal, and the many partners who have joined together to back small businesses around the country,” said Glenda McNeal, President of Strategic Partnerships, American Express. “When small businesses succeed, we all thrive. Through partnership and collaboration, ‘Stand for Small’ makes it easier for small business owners to discover and access resources and offers they need, all in one place.”

Comcast Business has implemented a number of initiatives to serve customers and businesses of all sizes. With access to free webinars and third-party resources, as well as tools to manage a business from any device, anywhere, and a team of experts and engineers available 24/7, Comcast Business enables businesses to stay safe, online, and connected.

To provide small businesses with the solutions they need to return to the marketplace even stronger, NBCUniversal has introduced a new Marketing & Creative Services assistance program that will connect selected businesses with the company’s award-winning consultative resources, and provide expertise across creative, production, technology, commerce and more. Additionally, NBCUniversal launched a new information hub for SMBs featuring curated financial and business content for employers to turn to for insights and inspiration as they transform their business operations and navigate the reopening process.

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