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Atlanta Hawks and Comcast Business to Keep Fans Connected at the All-New State Farm Arena

Atlanta Hawks and Comcast Business to Keep Fans Connected at the All-New State Farm Arena

Atlanta, GA

Comcast Business delivers 10 times the speed with nearly twice the coverage to fans, enabling dynamic connectivity and digital experiences at the transformed venue.

Comcast Business today announced an agreement with the Atlanta Hawks Basketball Club to provide and manage the team’s enterprise WiFi network at the new State Farm Arena. It will deliver 10 times the current speed and nearly doubles the number of access points that existed prior to the massive renovation. 

The network will capably support  Atlanta Hawks and State Farm Arena fans, increasing venue connectivity and creating more opportunities for unique digital experiences that fans crave at live events. Comcast Business’ WiFi solutions will be highly scalable to meet the shifting network requirements necessary for the mixed-use facility. This optimizes internet speed and reliability no matter the crowd size or location within the arena, from the seating to restaurants and shops.

“We view renovation as innovation,” said Marcus Wasdin, chief information officer for the Atlanta Hawks.  “This is the perfect opportunity to solidify a core component of the fan experience.  Connectivity is the foundation to our digital initiatives where we seek to allow fans to enjoy the arena in new and immersive ways tailored to them. As an organization, we want to create a one-of-a-kind digital experience to engage fans, and this partnership with Comcast Business will provide the foundation for us to do so.”

The enhanced WiFi capability will not only allow fans to stay connected to friends, family or work, but provides better connectivity to support a range of mobile experiences that will increase fan engagement. With almost double the number of hot spots and expanded gigabit speeds, the Atlanta Hawks can create customizable experiences that breed passion and excitement for the team through mobile means.

Fans are increasingly engaging with teams through technologically-advanced mobile devices and apps. With Comcast Business’ WiFi service, fans will seamlessly access gameday and venue necessities including:

  • Interact with the newly launched Atlanta Hawks mobile app
  • Purchase and manage tickets and parking
  • Purchase premium seat upgrades and experiences
  • Watch special content, get statistics, and participate in promotions
  • Share their experiences at State Farm Arena via social channels

The upgraded WiFi system also enhances the Atlanta Hawks’ behind-the-scenes operations by supporting stadium technology and infrastructure, including Point of Sale (POS) Systems, new access controls, new building management tools, and new applications such as ticketing and wayfinding.

“Just as State Farm Arena has undergone a physical transformation, Comcast Business is a key foundation in its digital evolution by offering the technology to improve the fan experience and enhance operations on event days,” said Comcast Regional Senior Vice President Doug Guthrie. “Fans have high expectations for seamless connectivity when attending games, concerts and other events. With faster WiFi, they can continue to do the things they love, like share pictures and videos, post on social media, and stream audio and video with ease.”

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