D'Arcy F. Rudnay
Executive Vice President and Chief Communications Officer, Corporate Communications
Jennifer Khoury
Chief Communications Officer, Corporate and Digital Communications
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Sena Fitzmaurice
Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications — Government & Regulatory Communications
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John Demming
Vice President, Corporate Communications ― Financial Communications
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Charlie Douglas
Vice President, Corporate Communications ― Corporate Affairs
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Dan Friedman
Vice President, Corporate Communications ― Consumer Services
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Kristen Gohr
Executive Director, Corporate Communications ― Experience, Multicultural and Privacy
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David McGuire
Executive Director, Corporate Communications ― Technology
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Joel Shadle
Executive Director, Corporate Communications ― Connectivity
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John Tagle
Senior Director, Corporate Communications ― Entertainment & Video
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Adam Miller
Executive Vice President, NBCUniversal
Hilary Smith
Executive Vice President, Corporate Communications and Social Impact, NBCUniversal
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Mark Kornblau
Senior Vice President, Communications, NBC News Group
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Greg Hughes
Senior Vice President, Communications, NBC Sports Group
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Cindy Gardner
Executive Vice President, Global Communications, Universal Filmed Entertainment Group and Corporate Affairs
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Chip Sullivan
Executive Vice President, Communications, NBC Entertainment
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Katherine Nelson
Group Senior Vice President USA, SYFY, and UCP Communications
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Jennifer Geisser
Executive Vice President, Communications and Talent Relations, Lifestyle Networks
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Alfredo Richard
Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications, Telemundo Enterprises
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Brian Steel
Executive Vice President, CNBC Communications
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Debbie Klein
Group Chief Marketing & Corporate Affairs Officer
Gavin Davis
Group Director of Corporate Comms and Campaigns
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Other Businesses
Matt Helmke
Senior Director, Corporate Communications ― Comcast Business
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Sue Kwon
Head of Communications — Comcast Ventures
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Elaine Wong
Vice President, External Communications ― Comcast Advertising (Comcast Spotlight & FreeWheel)
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Aimee Metrick
Vice President, Communications ― Northeast Division
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Brian Farley
Vice President, Communications ― Central Division
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Kate Oravez
Vice President, External Communications ― West Division
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Kristen Roberts
Vice President, Communications ― Western New England Region
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Doreen Vigue
Vice President, Communications ― Greater Boston Region
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Bob Grove
Vice President, Communications ― Keystone Region
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Jennifer Bilotta
Vice President, Communications ― Freedom Region
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Alex Horwitz
Vice President, Communications ― Big South Region
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Mindy Kramer
Vice President, Communications ― Florida Region
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Michelle Gilbert
Vice President, Communications ― Heartland Region (MI, IN, KY)
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Jack Segal
Vice President, Communications ― Greater Chicago Region
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Staci Busby
Vice President, External Communications ― West Division
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Joan Hammel
Senior Director, External Communications ― California Region
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Amy Keiter
Director, External Affairs ― Oregon and S.W.Washington Region
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Andy Colley
Director, External Communications ― Washington Region
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Leslie Oliver
Director, External Communications ― Mountain West Region
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Michael Bybee
Director, External Communications ― Houston Region
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Jill Hornbacher
External Communications ― Twin Cities Region
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Kristie Fox
Vice President, Communications ― Beltway Region
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