XFINITY TV: Instant Access to Download Top TV Shows and Movies on the Go

In a world of instant gratification, it doesn’t get more instant than powering on your tablet or smartphone to watch a TV show or movie anywhere — with or without an Internet connection.

Comcast already delivers thousands of choices in mobile streaming video to customers. Now, we offer the ultimate in mobile flexibility with the new download feature of the Xfinity TV Player app.

Our product design and development teams have continued to create new products and features that allow our customers to have access to the most streaming content choices — more than 18,500 options — and ever-faster Internet speeds to make the streaming experience as seamless as possible. Sometimes, though, streaming isn’t an option for all customers — maybe they’re flying, maybe they’re on the train with less-than-ideal coverage, or maybe they’re out of range of WiFi. With this latest feature, our app now allows users to download content directly to their mobile devices. Once they’ve downloaded what they want, they can disconnect and still watch that content on the go — retaining that "anytime, anywhere" entertainment experience they are looking for.

This feature of the Xfinity TV Player app allows our digital TV customers to download thousands of premium TV and movie choices from Showtime, Starz, Encore and MoviePlex at no additional cost. These are the shows you want to watch, like Dexter and Homeland, and movies like Cars 2 and The Muppets. Much more content will become available for download in the months ahead from additional programming partners.

We’ve also tried to make the download experience as easy and intuitive as possible by adding a single tap filter to indicate which TV shows and movies are downloadable. We also provide two different quality levels customers can choose from: a higher quality, bigger download file and a good quality, smaller download file.

It’s estimated more than 36 million mobile phone owners in the United States are watching video or TV on their phones, so Comcast is constantly looking for new ways to enable our customers to take their Xfinity experience with them. With behavior-changing app features like remote DVR control, On Demand video streaming, multiplatform content searching and now downloadable content, Comcast is driving innovation in the increasingly connected and mobile lives of our customers.