Xfinity On Demand Top 20 TV For The Week Of February 15 – February 21

During the week of February 15 – February 21, Comcast customers watched 77 million hours of content on Xfinity On Demand.

TV was the most-watched category, representing 38 million (49 percent) of the total hours viewed. The top 20 TV episodes on Xfinity On Demand that premiered during this week were:

  1. The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story (ep 3) (FX)
  2. The Walking Dead (ep 10) (AMC)
  3. Downton Abbey on Masterpiece (ep 8) (PBS)
  4. The Big Bang Theory (ep 16) (CBS)
  5. The X-Files (ep 5) (PBS)
  6. Shades of Blue (ep 7) (NBC)
  7. Lucifer (ep 4) (Fox)
  8. Better Call Saul (Premiere) (AMC)
  9. Teen Mom OG (ep 8) (MTV)
  10. How to Get Away With Murder (ep 11) (ABC)
  11. The Blacklist (ep 15) (ABC)
  12. Scandal (ep 11) (ABC)
  13. Vikings (Premiere) (History)
  14. Keeping Up With the Kardashians (ep 13) (E!)
  15. Survivor: Kaoh Rong (Premiere) (CBS)
  16. Grey's Anatomy (ep 10) (ABC)
  17. The Good Wife (ep 15) (CBS)
  18. The Shannara Chronicles (ep 8) (MTV)
  19. Shameless (ep 7) (Showtime)
  20. The Bachelor (ep 7) (ABC)

The top 20 TV series on Xfinity On Demand for the week of February 15 – February 21 were:

  1. The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story (FX)
  2. The Big Bang Theory (CBS)
  3. Shameless (Showtime)
  4. The X-Files (Fox)
  5. The Walking Dead (AMC)
  6. Lucifer (Fox)
  7. Shades of Blue (NBC)
  8. Downton Abbey on Masterpiece (PBS)
  9. Game of Thrones (HBO)
  10. The Bachelor (ABC)
  11. Vikings (History)
  12. Younger (TVLand)
  13. The Shannara Chronicles (MTV)
  14. How to Get Away With Murder (ABC)
  15. Billions (Showtime<)/li>
  16. Teen Mom OG (MTV)
  17. The Blacklist (NBC)
  18. Family Guy (Fox/Adultswim)
  19. Scandal (ABC)
  20. Black Sails (STARZ)

With more than 3 billion hours viewed in 2015, Xfinity On Demand is one of the most viewed platforms for time-shifting on TV. It includes 75,000 choices, including a growing collection of current season TV shows and hit movies, many now available to own and access anytime.

Ranking for the top 20 TV episodes is based on the total Xfinity On Demand views on the TV within seven days of an in-season show’s original airing. Shows marked with an (*) indicate it premiered on Xfinity On Demand in advance of the live airing. Shows airing new episodes back-to-back are counted together. Views of most broadcast and cable programming within the first three days are included in Nielsen L+3 ratings.

Ranking for the top 20 TV series is based on cumulative past or current episode views of any TV series on Xfinity On Demand. This includes programming that is no longer airing as well.

Both lists are inclusive of all TV programming across broadcast, cable and premium networks.