X1's Last 9: A Dynamic and Personalized TV Experience

X1's Last 9: A Dynamic and Personalized TV Experience

Comcast has redesigned the traditional "back button" for X1 with functionality that's more personal and provides viewers with more options.

When we built X1, we wanted to bring Xfinity TV customers closer than ever to the TV shows and movies they love. As an entertainment operating system, X1 delivers a more personal and dynamic TV experience, taking the brains of the set-top box and moving it to the cloud. Thanks to cloud technology, we’ve been able to reimagine each button of the remote control.

On the X1 remote control, the "Last" button doesn’t just flip back to the last linear channel watched. "Last" on X1 means the last 9 – and not just channels. When customers tap "Last" on their remote controls, they have the option to flip between channels, quickly resume a show saved to DVR or watch shows on Xfinity On Demand. It doesn’t matter where the most recently viewed programs are located on the platform – X1 surfaces any viewed content in a customer’s recent history, no matter where they found it.

The "Last" button is another way we’ve made it easier for Xfinity TV customers to watch their favorite TV shows and movies, and we’re continuing to design even more innovative products and services to make TV more fun and personal.  

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