Comcast NBCUniversal Named Top Employer for Women by WICT

The company also ranked first among top operators and programmers for women.

We’re honored to share that Comcast NBCUniversal has been named a Best Companies for Women to Work by Women in Cable Telecommunications (WICT). Comcast NBCUniversal is also ranked first among the top operators and programmers for women by the WICT PAR Executive Report.

The WICT PAR Executive Report is a joint initiative that combines WICT’S PAR and NAMIC'S AIM surveys, and measures organizations demographics, workforce diversity benchmarks, internal labor market maps and projections, diversity & inclusion best practices, and employee benefits.

As of year-end 2016, women represented 35% of Comcast NBCUniversal full-time U.S. employees, 37% of leaders at the vice president level and above, and 40% at the director level.

Approximately 24 organizations participated in the 2017 WICT PAR and NAMIC AIM surveys, and represented 67.5% of our industry’s overall workforce. The full WICT PAR Executive Report will be released in December.

This recognition is a reflection of Comcast NBCUniversal’s commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace for our employees to thrive. This year marks the second time Comcast NBCUniversal was named both a top operator and programmer for women, and is among the growing number of workforce accolades our company has received this year.