Venture Capital

Why Entrepreneurs Choose Comcast Ventures

Comcast Ventures, the venture capital affiliate of Comcast Corporation, invests in innovative businesses in the digital advertising, consumer, enterprise and infrastructure spaces. Here’s why three entrepreneurs chose to partner with Comcast Ventures.

1. Relationships. Entrepreneurs get introductions to big prospective customers. Comcast Ventures can provide instant access to the executives and insights of Comcast Corporation and NBCUniversal and all of its networks. "Bay Dynamics made the decision to partner with Comcast Ventures because we saw a cultural fit with a strong team that not only understood first-hand why we are succeeding in the market, but also immediately started to add value through their powerful connections to key enterprise decision makers," said Feris Rifai, Founder & CEO. "Their contributions will enable us to accelerate our innovation and continue to support the evolving security needs of our customers."

2. Expertise. Comcast Ventures has domain expertise in the digital advertising, consumer, enterprise and infrastructure spaces. Our Limited Partner's track record of converting innovative technologies into profitable businesses translates into powerful know-how our portfolio companies can leverage. San Francisco based Instacart has gotten a lot of press for disrupting the chore of going to the supermarket. "Comcast Ventures has a great track record of helping tech companies accelerate their growth," said Apoorva Mehta, CEO of Instacart, a personalized home delivery grocery service valued at around $2 billion and now operating in 15 cities. "We’re looking forward to leveraging [Comcast Ventures'] media and distribution expertise as well as their strategic relationships as Instacart builds out the leading marketplace for retail delivery."

3. Access. Enjoy unparalleled data and distribution. Our relationship with Comcast and NBCUniversal gives us access to data available nowhere else. In turn, we share that access with our portfolio companies. Take the example of BaubleBar, a retailer that combines big data with fashion sense to offer women’s fashion jewelry ahead of the curve. Amy Jain, co-founder, said, "Comcast Venture's unique understanding of the media and distribution landscape has proven indispensable throughout BaubleBar's growth. The team's willingness to dive right into our niche industry, understand it and provide targeted help and connections to our management team shows unparalleled commitment." 

For more information, go to http://www.comcastventures.com/contact.