Vox Media and NBCUniversal Launch New Class of Digital Advertising with 'Concert'

New York, NY

'Concert' is industry’s largest premium quality content and audience inventory available to advertisers.

Today Vox Media and NBCUniversal announce the launch of "Concert," the largest premium quality content and audience inventory available to advertisers. Concert is the first major partnership initiative following NBCUniversal’s strategic investment in Vox Media in August 2015.

Concert gives brand marketers the ability to reach a high value audience of more than 150* million people across Vox Media’s eight properties and NBCUniversal’s digital properties. Concert brings industry-leading mobile, video, native, and high-impact advertising products that deliver higher engagement, with valued storytelling, superior technology and audience scale, to the marketplace.

"Vox Media has been committed since day one to raising the quality bar in digital advertising for marketers and audiences," said Jim Bankoff, CEO and Chairman, Vox Media. "Now, with NBCUniversal as our partner, we have the opportunity to take what works so well across Vox Media’s advertising program and our own properties, and scale it across more of the best brands in media and to a larger audience. This is an important step in elevating the standard of digital advertising, and in creating a new class of advertising: premium quality at scale."

"We are combining the scale and diversity of NBCUniversal’s content portfolio and audiences with Vox Media’s leading brands, technology capabilities and advertising products. With Vox we are creating a best-in-class premium advertising capability that is unparalleled in the marketplace," said Linda Yaccarino, Chairman, Advertising Sales and Client Partnerships, NBCUniversal. "And, with one conversation, our clients can easily access a safe, quality environment to extend their campaigns."

Vox Media has built an advanced advertising platform in response to a market that failed to offer brand storytelling solutions that were as high quality as the content surrounding them. Concert’s data product capability enables real-time creative optimizations – including copy, image, and CTA – delivering 12x engagement compared to standard alternatives, thereby enhancing return value for marketers. To date, this advertising platform has scaled successfully across Vox Media’s eight brands with 8,000 unique ads in 2015 alone.

Vox Media and NBCUniversal’s sales teams will be partnering to take Concert to market and also expand the offering to include other premium publishers in coming months, further expanding the audience scale available to brand advertisers.