An Xfinity X1 hub page displayed on a TV.

Comcast Launches Personalized Dashboard

New York, NY

Comcast has teams of engineers and user experience designers all over the country constantly developing new technologies that change how people interact with their homes and enrich their lives by making communication and entertainment easier.

The latest of these technologies is a new system that displays your personal preferences, interests, schedules and reminders right on your big screen TV. Imagine flipping on the television and getting a real-time snapshot of what’s ahead of you: your calendar, the weather, text messages, email, DVR reminders and data, as well as updates on your home alarm and energy management systems. That is what this dashboard makes possible -- endless simplification.

Demonstrated earlier this year by Comcast Cable President and CEO Neil Smit, this experience brings together a customer’s email, calendar, Xfinity TV preferences, plus their favorite content from external sources – even selected pictures -- all in one dashboard.  Think of it as a home page for your television set that is customized to be a snapshot of your day.  It is a system designed to be fun, engaging and personal; to anticipate your needs and naturally fit into your lifestyle.

It is not only simple, it is smart. It can be used as a TV ‘screensaver’ for when the TV is not being actively used and surfaces content that is most appropriate at the time, such as rush-hour traffic reports in the morning or primetime TV schedules in the evening. It regularly refreshes content, connects to your preferred social media networks, delivers news and reminds you about appointments. It is game changing for TV and possible because of Comcast’s vast and flexible technology network and the ingenuity of our team.

This experience is now available to customers using the Cloud-based Xfinity X1 platform and Skype on Xfinity service. It will soon be available to Xfinity Internet subscribers, and on tablets and smartphones, too. For more information, visit